A great way to get revenge on nosy neighbors

The neighbors considered the fence a resident of California too high and wrote a complaint to “halved,” and in retaliation he prepared for them a surprise.

Well, when lucky with neighbors, but Jason Windosw of Santa Rosa (CA), had no luck with them. One of them wrote an anonymous complaint to the city authorities that Windoze too high a fence.

Obviously, the neighbors wanted to watch the man’s life, and the fence was in the way. At first Jason tried to explain that he has put such a fence because of a dog that could jump and run away from the yard, and scare passers-by by its size, but was not included in the position. As a result, the authorities warned the owner of a high fence.

“It was a serious warning. They met daily to fine me $500 until I cut down the fence. I honestly was afraid”, – quotes portal game fans around the world the recognition of Jason.

So I had to cut the fence to a height of 90 cm. At the same time, Windows didn’t want to leave their harmful and overly nosy neighbours with impunity. And the man has prepared for them an unusual surprise. Jason took five naked mannequins, placed them in the garden at the table, like at an impromptu picnic. Now the appellant have all day to watch this risque scene for her window.

And to make it clear why he did that, Jason on one of the chairs standing around the table with the mannequins, hung a sign with a large inscription: “Reserved for the excessively curious neighbor who complained to the authorities in my fence.”

“We live in America. We as citizens have the right to erect fences and keep our private life secret from others. They wanted me to cut the fence to be able to look into my yard, – well, now they have the opportunity. We should enjoy!”, – pretty concludes Jason.
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