The theme of collusion with Russia has faded and resurfaced Ukrainian plan aid Clinton. The Hill, USA

The chief Prosecutor of Ukraine gave an interview shown on Wednesday Hill.TV. In it he talked about the beginning of the investigation, which aims to find out, not did the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine organization of deliberate leaks of financial information about the then President of the headquarters of the trump Field Manaforce during the presidential campaign of 2016 to help the election of Hillary Clinton.

Leaks in the American media of the so-called “black accounting” forced Manafort to withdraw from the election headquarters of the trump and was the cause of one of the main charges in the investigation of collusion with Russia, which persistently haunts of the tramp and prevent him from last two and a half years.

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko began an investigation, as one Ukrainian MP has published the audio recording showing that the law enforcement agencies of this country have published the financial records of Manafort to help the staff of Clinton.

The Deputy also obtained a ruling that this leak of information is equivalent to the “illegal invasion of the us election campaign,” they said Lutsenko. According to him, the audio is quite a serious argument to begin the investigation. Lutsenko also concerned that the appropriate law enforcement authorities of Ukraine at that time was in frequent contact with the American Embassy in Kiev.

“Today we begin the investigation of the criminal case, and we will give a legal assessment of this information”, — said Lutsenko.

Before coming to the attorney General Lutsenko was a prominent activist, and during the reign of Pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych opposed the influence of Russia on Ukraine. The attorney-General he became in 2016 on a wave of anti-corruption reforms initiated by the incumbent President, Petro Poroshenko, who is an ally of the USA and Western countries. In contrast to the allegations of collusion with Russia, which from the beginning sounded loud and sensational, and politicians and the media declared this the story of the Watergate crisis of the scale before the full study evidence and clues, Ukrainian revelations deserve close investigation, and to take them on faith, is impossible. Do not forget that Ukraine is rampant corruption. She often becomes the object of dirty manipulation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And it was in the Ukraine last year had falsified the death of a journalist, allegedly to prevent conspiracy to murder.

However, we must assume that the attorney-General, member of Parliament and the court have sufficient weight to closely examine their claims and to perform audio recording.

In addition, no one was able to unravel how the documents from the black accounts Manafort got in the American media. They surfaced two years later, after the FBI conducted an investigation in respect of Manafort on its commercial activities in Ukraine, but in 2014, refused to continue it for lack of evidence.

We have convincing evidence that a retired British spy Christopher Steele started his own investigation, making, on the basis of the scandalous dossier of collusion with Russia. From December 2015 to February 2016, he has held a series of conversations with high-ranking official from the Ministry of justice Bros Or (Bruce Ohr) about getting dirt on Manafort.

We know that the FBI began work at the American Embassy in Kyiv to help the investigation in the case of Ukraine/Manafort (this practice is in the order of things, when the investigation is conducted abroad). We also know that it used Steele as an informant in the investigation against Russia. We also know that the headquarters of the Clinton have used the services of one law firm to pay for the Touch to work to find dirt on trump that could prevent him from becoming President, and that at the same time, Steele was helping the FBI.

All these intricacies, coupled with new statements made by Ukrainian Prosecutor General give reason for serious and thorough investigation.

If the Ukrainian law-enforcement officials, often working with the American Embassy, did indeed leak the documents of Manafort in an attempt to influence elections in the United States in the interests of Clinton, then society has a right to know what, who and when it was known.

Interview with Lutsenko channel “hill” raises another important issue. Between the American Embassy and the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, to whom America has entrusted the fight against corruption in the country-ally, there is a dysfunctional relationship.

In his interview, Lutsenko accused the us Embassy of the age of Obama that it in 2016 prevented him to do about corruption. He said that the us Ambassador gave him the list of persons against whom it is impossible to conduct an investigation, and then refused to cooperate early in the investigation on the theft of American aid to Ukraine.

Lutsenko gave me a letter from the Embassy as proof of his words. It shows that the American representative was really asking him to abandon the investigation of the case of embezzlement of funds. “We are seriously concerned about the ongoing investigation, and we believe that there is no reason,” — wrote in his time in the Prosecutor’s office of the Embassy employee named George Kent (George Kent).

On Wednesday, the state Department issued a statement that it no longer provides financial assistance to office Lutsenko in his fight against corruption and considers his statements regarding the list of “untouchables” “outright fabrication”.

But I can confirm that Lutsenko not the only one who complains to the American Embassy in Kiev.

Last year a member of the house of representatives Pete sessions (Pete Sessions), as Chairman of the rules Committee, wrote an informal letter to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, in which he asked him to withdraw the American Ambassador in Ukraine, saying that he makes derogatory statements about trump.

John Solomon, The Hill, USA

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