Jimmy Carter officially topped the rating of U.S. presidents-living

Jimmy Carter today marks 94 years and 172 days, and he took first place among U.S. presidents is long-lived. George Bush, Sr., who died November 30, lived one day less. Carter, says Dinny, Congileo, press Secretary of the Carter Center feels great, but some events on today’s occasion is not planned.

The former President and first lady live, as before, in his home in Georgia, where they were married. Three years ago, the media reported of the serious illness of Jimmy — he has melanoma that has spread to the liver and brain. He took the treatment, and now doctors believe that Carter is healthy.

Jimmy and his wife Rosalynn, who is now 91, founded the Carter Center in Atlanta in 1982 to focus on global issues of human rights, the promotion of public health, election monitoring and peace building. “We at the Carter Center are grateful for his long service that has benefited millions of the poorest people in the world”, says Congileo.

Carter himself has repeatedly said that it considers the work of the Center as more useful than all that he has done in the White house. “I spent four of his ninety years in the White house, and they, of course, was the pinnacle of my political life, writes Carter in his memoirs, published for his 90th. — However, these years were not the main in my chain of memories… Teaching and assist in the development of the Carter Center… seems to be the main points in my life”.

The most famous program of the Carter Center — long efforts to eliminate infestation of Guinea worm, a parasitic infection attributed to bad drinking water. In 1986, at 21, there were 3.5 million cases when the Carter Center began a program of liquidation. In 2018 the world was only 28 cases. “I hope that I will live longer than the last Guinea worm, said Jimmy Carter in an interview with British television in 2016. Is one of my goals in life, and I think I have good chances of success“.


Now Carter tops the list of the presidents of the centenarians, but it is not this — and not even presidential last updated: March 22, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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