The attack at the Jewish Museum of Brussels: Namusa sentenced to life imprisonment

In Belgium in the night of Tuesday, March 12, the court sentenced to life imprisonment by a French jihadist Mehdi Namusa that in may 2014, killed four people at the Jewish Museum of Brussels. March 7, the jury found him guilty of “the murder of a terrorist nature”. Accomplice Namusa, supplied him with weapons, Nasser Banker sentenced to 15 years in prison (the prosecution demanded a minimum of 30 years of imprisonment). The final verdict of the court rendered after an eight hour meeting.

The trial of 33-year-old Frenchman Mehdi Nemusim and his compatriot Nasser Benderom continued in the court of Brussels from 10 January to 5 March. Last Thursday a panel of 12 jurors and three professional judges have recognized both guilty in the preparation and execution of the attack. May 24, 2014 Nemmush opened fire with a pistol, and then from a Kalashnikov at the entrance to the Jewish Museum of Brussels. From the hands of criminals killed Israeli tourists — 54-year-old Emanuel Riva and his 53-year-old wife Miriam, 25-year-old Belgian employee of the Museum Alexander Strens and worked at the Museum as a volunteer 66-year-old Frenchwoman Dominique Now.

On Monday, addressing the court, Prosecutor, Yves Moreau said: “Without the slightest hesitation, we demand to sentence Mehdi Namusa to life imprisonment”. The results of the trial, during which testimony was given about a hundred witnesses, the Prosecutor stressed that he sees “no mitigating (guilt Namusa) circumstances”.

The attack on the Jewish Museum of Brussels was the first terrorist attack in Europe returning from the Syrian war a militant group “Islamic state”. The investigation and the court reinstated the biography of Mehdi Namusa common to most European terrorists in recent years.

A native of the Northern French city of Roubaix, Nemmush got into the field of view of the police as a teenager. At the age of 19 he got his first time — 17 days of prison — for robbery with violence. Subsequently Namusa several times sentenced to various prison sentences on charges of driving without a license, car theft, robbery and robbery. In prison, the criminal-recidivist was a radical Islamist, and in 2013 went to Syria to fight in the ranks of the group “Islamic state”.

The process in Brussels to witness the accusations were made by French journalists Nicolas Henin and Didier Francois. In June 2013, along with the photographers Edouard Elias and Pierre Torres were taken to Syria as hostages by the group ISIS. In April 2014, all the journalists were released. Nicolas Henin and Didier Francois were identified Mehdi Ammuse one of his Syrian “jailers”. In the Belgian court, they confirmed their testimony by noting the cruelty, which distinguished the French jihadist. In France the case of the seizure of journalists in Syria is still under investigation.

In total, the prosecution presented to the court 23 the evidence of guilt Mehdi Namusa in the attack on the Jewish Museum of Brussels on 24 may 2014. The accused was arrested then a few days later, on may 30 at the bus station in Marseilles. In his Luggage was a weapon that was used in the attack, and the jacket with gunpowder residue and his DNA.

A guilty verdict of the jury lawyers of the families of those killed in the terrorist attack called “slap protection Namusa and kick for all sorts of conspiracy theories”. At the trial the lawyers of the main accused insisted that he was the victim of manipulation by either Lebanese, or Iranian intelligence services, which allegedly used Namusa to eliminate some agents of the Israeli intelligence “Mossad”. In its verdict the jury said: “the defense of the accused was limited to the transfer together disparate conclusions” are left without explanation.

In the indictment, the jury also noted the relationship Namusa with the terrorist network who have committed terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015 and in Brussels on 22 March 2016.

As for the second defendant Nasser Bandera, the jury called him an accomplice of a terrorist attack at the Jewish Museum. 30-year-old native of Marseille, risking 30 years in prison for supplying weapons Namusa. At trial, Bender completely denied his guilt. In France he is serving a prison term on extortion charges in September last year, Bender received five years in prison on charges related to clashes between drug dealers of Marseille. With Mehdi Nemusim its current partner and I met almost ten years ago in prison.
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