A sinister discovery in Egypt: between the paws of the Sphinx revealed a door, which was moved to the Louvre in the NINETEENTH century

In the research world announced a new amazing discovery in Egypt.

As it was established, the legendary construction of the Sphinx represents the pinnacle of the iceberg, in which nestles a lot of unsolved mysteries. It should be noted that recently experts managed to identify on the walls of the building evidence for the presence of the door. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First in Egypt, was excavated Sphinx with a RAM’s head.

The first who expressed such an assumption, was a well-known researcher Matt Growling. According to him, a mysterious door, two centuries ago, transported to the legendary Louvre Museum. The doorway, if you believe the figures, located between the paws of the Sphinx. Unfortunately a very big, exact confirmation of the above theory is not available.

Moreover there was some difficulty in obtaining permission from the Ministry of culture of the state to conduct research operations. It is not excluded that under the massive Sphinx is hiding many secrets that will soon be finally revealed.

Also a common theory that the Sphinx contains a sinister and mind-boggling tunnels that lead into the room for the ritual processions of the Egyptian priests.
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