LED moped tail light

LED rear light for moped Greetings to you homemade products!
I have a dirchiped on my farm ..
LED rear light of a moped Typical moped RX8 EUROSTRADA 49, 9 cubic meters cm … Honest fifty dollars …. And I try to somehow diversify the impressions of the rather modest dynamics of this vehicle … Introducing another uluchsizing or decor element … If I may say so.
This time it seemed to me a taillight with a two-filament incandescent lamp ordinary and boring.
 LED tail light for moped And I want more positives and I made this lamp LED.

An archive with a circuit, a drawing of the board and my thoughts will be in the description under the video link to yandex disk .
It is also much more fun to drive, and the drivers behind them have positive emotions and their mood improves ….
The scheme turned out like this, perhaps not the most perfect, but working.
LED rear light of a moped VD3 diode is drawn here not a little wrong, I fixed it on the board!
The number of LEDs in the diagram is shown conditionally, for clarity of the glow mode. Number illumination – Dimension – Stop. There may be a different number of these diodes, depending on the lamp used and the required brightness.
Output MASS is connected to the common MINUS wire of the moped wiring.
Output DIMENSION is connected to the wire that goes to the side light of the rear lamp.
The license plate light board is connected to the NUMBER LIGHT terminals on the main board of the rear light. Illumination of the license plate lights up with the same brightness regardless of the mode of operation of the rear light only when the size is on.
The STOP output is connected to the wire going to the STOP SIGNAL of the rear light.
When the S1 SWITCH is OPEN and the headlight is on, the HL6-HL8 diodes shine brightly through the VD2 diode through the current-limiting resistors R11-R13 in the form of SMILE (DIMENSION mode), and the backlight diodes of the HL9-HL11 number through the R14-R16 resistors are brightly lit. LED rear light for moped resistors R1-R3-R5-R7-R9. The whole lamp will light up, STOP mode.
LED rear light for moped When the DIMENSION is off and the brake is pressed, the HL1-HL5 diodes will light up brightly through the resistors R1, R3, R5, R7, R9 and through the VD5 diode, the HL6-HL8 diodes through the R11-R13 resistors will also light up brightly. That is, in the STOP mode, the entire lamp will glow brightly as in the previous case, only without the license plate illumination (the marker is off).
With the S1 SWITCH CLOSED (This is the mode of simulating a two-filament incandescent lamp in case of questions with the passage of technical inspection).
When the included size light up, as in the previous case, diodes DIMENSION HL6-HL8 and diodes LIGHTING NUMBERS + stop diodes HL1-HL5 with low brightness through the diode VD4, through the closed contacts of the button S1 and resistors R2, R4, R6, R8, R10. Imitation of the size (the whole lamp glows dimly) as with a two-filament incandescent lamp.
If you press the brake, then all the HL1-HL8 diodes through the VD3 diodes (it is drawn almost correctly in the diagram, corrected on the board) and VD5 through the current-limiting resistors will light up brightly. Simulation of a two-filament incandescent lamp (the entire lamp glows brightly) in STOP mode.
I had no questions during the inspection, but the diagnostic station workers smiled.
The lantern boards look like this.
LED tail light for a moped  LED moped tail light I have already transferred the diode from the side of the tracks to the reverse side in the figure.
And the backlight of the number.
 LED tail light for moped Details:
VD1-VD5 Any with a current from 1A. For example IN4001. I dropped out of an old computer PSU with a low voltage drop at the junction, FR104
HL1-HL11 bought from the Chinese the size 5730 with the declared current as much as 150 mA !!!
LED rear light for moped But without a good radiator, they won't survive for long at such a current. I selected current-limiting resistors according to the maximum heating of LEDs no more than 45-50 degrees in a closed lamp.
SMD sizes 1206 and 0805 ratings according to the diagram, size according to the board drawing.
S1 type PD 9.2 or any other with contact current from 1 A.
LED tail light for moped In this case, you will need to redraw the board for your switch. Or you can make it external, so that you can quickly switch the flashlight mode on the dashboard 🙂
And I also want to make an emergency gang like a BMW with double blinking … While in the process … The question/topic is automatically published in social media. site network – follow the answers there too:


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