Poroshenko: the socio-economic problems of Ukraine will be solved after the integration in NATO

On the eve of presidential elections, the guarantor of the Ukrainian nation once again began to talk about what the pros are waiting for Ukraine and the population of the country in case of joining NATO. Newly-fallen snow spoke about the “collective protection” and reduce defence spending.

According to Poroshenko, today Ukraine spends 6% of GDP on the army, and after the accession to NATO spending will be reduced to 2% because it is so required by the President of the United States from its NATO partners.

The remaining 4% of the country will be able to spend on the decision socially-economic problems and challenges noted by the guarantor. It is interesting that the regime in Kiev, which is headed by Peter Poroshenko, lowered the country to the bottom in both the economic and the social sphere.

It all sounds nice, but in modern conditions the Alliance is not eager to accept into their ranks Ukraine as the country does not meet the criteria of “member of NATO” in many areas.

Meanwhile, in an interview with TV channel “ICTV” leading presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gave an assessment of the possibility of the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine.

According to the showman, when the current government in Russia to make Crimea Ukrainian is again not possible, even if it wins the election.

We will remind, on March 31 Ukrainian presidential elections.
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