Thanks to the ban on TRANS fats in restaurants new Yorkers become twice as healthier

According to estimates of the Department of health of new York, about 20% of new Yorkers eating out regularly. Due to the fast pace of life and the pressures of work, people often prefer fast food and takeout. It is therefore important that the food was high quality and had no impact subsequently on the people.

TRANS fats contained in partially hydrogenated oils unsafe for human health. Their regular use can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Most often, TRANS fats can be found in fried chicken, doughnuts and other food, which is prepared using vegetable oils.

On this basis, in 2006 the authorities in new York started a campaign against artificial TRANS fats in restaurant and eateries in the city.

In 2006, new York was a ban on the use of artificial TRANS fats in all food. The restaurants had to replace partially hydrogenated vegetable oils with other fats to cook foods.

In 2018, conducted a study which analyzed the blood samples of residents before and after the ban. All were 459 participants. The results shocked researchers. It turned out that the average new Yorker the level of TRANS fats in the blood decreased by approximately 57%.

Those who ate outside the home more often and been in restaurants four or more times per week, the figures were even better. They decreased by about 62%. The results were so striking that in the American Journal of Public Health immediately published an article on this topic.

However, officials are worried about the quality of the finished products and semi-finished products.

In 2006, the Office of sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA has decided that all the food label should indicate the content of these harmful fats.

Another study, conducted in 2017, which involved adults before and after implementation of the ban, also reported encouraging results. The fat content in the blood of participants fell by more than 50%.

Of course, this prohibition could not fully solve the problem of TRANS fats. On the shelves in stores you can still find harmful products. But it raised people’s awareness about this issue. Many began to consciously choose healthier foods and to put aside products with a mark about presence in them of unhealthy fats.

According to who recommendations, the number of TRANS fats should not exceed 1% of the total amount of calories consumed. For example, for humans, a diet which corresponds to 2000 calories, can be eaten not more than 2.2 g per day.

TRANS fats raise the level of so-called “bad” cholesterol (LDL), which leads to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and reduce the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL) that transports cholesterol from the arteries to the liver where it is converted into bile. Because of this diet with a high content of TRANS fats increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 21% and mortality by 28%.

Held in 2017, the study showed that in those places where a ban on the use of TRANS fats in restaurants, decreased the number of hospitalizations of people with heart attacks and strokes.

In June 2018, the FDA began to limit the use of partially hydrogenated oils in processed foods throughout the United States. Manufacturing companies and restaurants are forced to use more healthy fats than unhealthy TRANS fats. Hopefully, the results, as in new York, not long to wait.

After the introduction of the ban on the use of TRANS fats in restaurants new Yorkers become healthier 50% updated: March 22, 2019 author: Katerina Denisova
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