Nord Stream 2 gave a comment on the resolution of the EP on the “Nord stream-2”

Jens Muller, a spokesman for the company Nord Stream AG 2, decided to comment on the results of the vote in the European Parliament regarding the freezing of the project “Northern stream-2”.

Mueller stressed that the European Parliament adopted a resolution that anybody to what does not oblige, reports RIA FAN.

Moreover, it was a General resolution on relations between the EU and Russia, which includes more than 50 points. “Nord stream-2” was one of these items, but not major.

The project “Northern stream-2” will be implemented regardless of the political resolution of the EU, so long as he is governed solely by the legal framework, which was developed and signed by the members of the EU.

Mueller stressed that Europe needs Russian gas, and this project is economic, not political, as the US wants.
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