Unsolved equation: Moldova still has not formed a parliamentary coalition

Won the elections to the Parliament of Moldova party of socialists (psrm) invited block ACUM preliminary dialogue, but in response received a blank refusal. Previously, experts spoke about the coalition of socialists with the ruling Democrats, however, according to observers, Moscow, supporting the psrm, such a scenario is not approved. President Igor Dodon, meanwhile, admits the scenario of early elections.

The constitutional court of Moldova on Saturday, March 9, approved the results of parliamentary elections and the mandates of the 101 deputies. However, the COP dismissed the complaint of the unit ACUM, demanding to cancel the results of voting in five single-member districts.

The Kremlin-backed socialist party is represented in the new Parliament, composed of 35 deputies, the ruling is still the Democratic party received 30 mandates, the opposition bloc ACUM, who plays for rapprochement with the West, controls 26 seats in the legislature. Party “shore” under the leadership of Ilan Shor, who was convicted by the court of first instance to 7.5 years of imprisonment, has received seven mandates. In the Parliament are also three independent candidates that are close, according to media reports, the democratic party.

After approval of the election results the party of socialists said that it must form a new parliamentary majority, “as the party that won at the elections”.

At a press conference on Monday, March 11, the socialists said that the dialogue will be conducted on the basis of several principles, among which “strengthening the strategic partnership with Russia and mutually beneficial cooperation with the EU, USA and other countries.” Reading the Declaration of the party, Deputy Vlad Batrancea, said that the socialists “are prepared to be flexible”, and invited the representatives of the bloc ACUM to negotiate.

Vlad Batrancea: “following the meeting of the political Executive Committee of the party of socialists, it was decided to first invite to these negotiations unit ACUM. This decision is based on the fact that the party of socialists and the unit ACUM — the main opposition forces on both sides of the political spectrum. We have collaborated with some politicians from this block in the past, participated in the protests against the government and now you want to determine whether there is between political forces more points of contact on the basis of which could emerge as future political cooperation.”

The MP stressed that we are talking about consultations.

Vlad Batrancea: “I Want to note that we do not start negotiations on forming a parliamentary majority. At this stage we are talking only about preliminary talks, during which we want to understand what are the intentions of parties in the new Parliament. After, we will hold the data of the preliminary discussions and learn about the plans of the political parties, we will announce further steps, with whom, and in what form discuss.”

However, members of the unit ACUM completely refused contact with anyone, Recalling that in the election campaign promised not to enter into a coalition with groups of Vlad Plahotniuc, Igor Dodon and businessman Ilan Shor, “oligarchic and anti-European parties.” About their position, they announced a day later, at a press conference on Tuesday, March 12, which was opened by the leader of the party DA Andrei Nastase.

Andrei Nastase: “Nothing, absolutely nothing will be as before, because Parliament of Moldova votes in his sight, citizens of Moldova became a democracy. And we, the messengers of democracy, don’t want to be like you. Igor Dodon and plahotniuc are most afraid of how transparent the block ACUM decided to approach his future parliamentary activities, which is aimed at the interest of the citizens. The voices that gave us humans, are not subject to negotiations.”

The head of the party PAS Maya Garden said that a new legislature ACUM first invite the members to support the package of laws that “will destroy the oligarchic system.” It will include the Declaration captured the character of state institutions, the resignation of the Prosecutor General and the appointment of an independent, preferably European Prosecutor, the resignation of the leadership of the Service of information and security of the Central election Commission, the Anticorruption center and other agencies. Also the unit will offer MPs to cancel the mixed electoral system and create a Commission to investigate thefts in 2014 billion dollars of the three Moldovan banks.

Maia Sandu: “it Is time that other members of Parliament proved that truly represents the will of the people. We urge them to overcome fear, to get out from under blackmail oligarchic groups and to make decisions in the interests of the country and its citizens.”

Earlier, the President supported by the party of socialists, announced his intention to convene before March 26, the first constituent meeting of the new Parliament. In the Facebook message he noted that “the parties have very clearly argue their positions and to take responsibility for the consequences” if the coalition of
most political parties or parliamentary elections.

As for the possibility of early elections, head of the center for political consulting Igor Poliexpert Wolnicki reminded that in the event of early elections, the ruling party of Democrats will be lower.

Igor Volnitski: “more than 90% of cases, when there are early elections, the first who from it loses it’s power, because it decreases the level of confidence in the ability of this power. When people vote, the majority of voters is associating himself with someone who represents power, whether because of distrust, fear or other feelings. When held early elections automatically the number of those who associate themselves with power, falls — we don’t know how, but he falls down.”

Earlier, political analyst of the edition Newsmaker Eugene Scolari in an interview with RFI said that, in his opinion, Moldova is waiting for the coalition between the Democrats and the socialists.

It is noteworthy that after the informal visit of the President Igor Dodon in Moscow, which took place a few days after the election, in the program “Man and law” on the “channel one” was shown a scandalous story about the leader of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc called “Moldovan Laundry”. The story says that the “gray cardinal” of Moldova plahotniuc, together with “companions” who had fled to London banker Herman by Gorbunovym and businessman Veaceslav Platon, who organized the scheme of illegal withdrawal of billions from Russia. Observers believe that Moscow Igor Dodon discussed the possibility of a coalition with the Democrats Vlad Plahotniuc.
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