The first footage from the farewell Julia Nachalova seen the star friends of the singer

Farewell to famous singer will start in half an hour, but on the street, near the Mourning hall already not pass. Hundreds of people came to do the singer in the last path.

Edition mk.rureports that in parting with Julia Nachalova was her friend and colleague Alexander Panayotov, actress Comedy Woman Elena borscheva and the soloist of group “Prime Minister” Jean Milimerov, reports LigaNews.

LigaNews now reports the online broadcast of the farewell Julia Nachalova.

Came press Secretary Yulia Nachalova Anna Isaeva, who until recently supported the singer was next to her.

The people who came to say goodbye, completely blocked the way to the Mourning hall. People were asked to move a little to clear the way for final journey of the Julia Nachalova.

People per hour to bid farewell already lined up to spend their favorite artist. As journalists publishing many expressed their outrage on banning the shooting. But fans still not up to the shots: they are important to say goodbye to Nachalovo.

“It is important for us first to go to say goodbye, as you begin to let go,” – said in the crowd who came.

You know, to the Mourning hall brought a huge wreath from the Nikolai Baskov.

As previously reported LigaNews, Yulia Nachalova for the month of death was able to defeat cancer. It is also known that the father of Julia Nachalova revealed new facts about her daughter’s death.
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