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Stand for thermo gun Greetings, dear colleagues!
Today I want to tell you about another gift for my daughter. She is engaged in the manufacture of textile dolls – one of the most popular types of needlework, when dolls are sewn from fabric of various textures and colors. In this work, a thermo gun is often used to glue various doll attributes.
But, here's the trouble. Although thermo guns are equipped with a retractable stand, it practically does not fulfill its role. A hard wire and a sticking glue stick practically do not make it possible to reliably install a thermo gun. You have to constantly monitor him.
 Stand for thermo-gun And one more negative factor. Even when the thermo-gun is temporarily installed, hot glue mass drips from its spout. It is necessary to enclose something. It is not very convenient.
The stand I made is just a safe place to store the thermo gun while working with it.
1. Drawings.
On the Internet you can find similar coasters, you can choose. Here I think there is no point in recommending something specifically. Since everyone will proceed from what interests him. And material in stock. For example, I used 10mm plywood and a glass saucer to collect drops of glue. Someone uses for this purpose a tile, someone a metal plate.

But, the Internet photos did not impress me. For the simple reason that they are cumbersome. A lot of completely unnecessary, unused – empty space.
Here is an example.
Stand for thermo gun It happens when you need to move the stand. You can't do it with one hand.
Therefore, after a little thought, I decided, taking into account the above, to make my own design.
Stand for thermo gun Which I present to your judgment.
2. Required tools and materials.
1. Multi-layer plywood 10 mm,
2. Manual jigsaw,
3. Manual boring machine with cutters,
4. Sandpaper of various grain size,
5. PVA glue,
6. Glass saucer, or something like that.
7. Yacht varnish and brushes.
8. Not a large piece of cloth
3. Process.
The work, as expected, began with the transfer of drawings.
Stand for thermo gun Then I started cutting out the details
Stand for thermo gun Stand for thermo gun  Stand for thermo gun  Stand for thermo gun Next, I tilted the holder fork and the top of the base handle.
Stand for thermo gun Stand for thermo-gun Then sanded the lower part of the handle and the upper part of the base, where the mentioned will be installed – the upper part of the handle. The parts prepared in this way were glued with PVA glue – “Moment joiner”. And he gave time for gluing.
 Stand for thermo-gun Then he marked the position of the sample under the saucer for collecting drops of glue mass. And according to the markup I made a selection for it.
Stand for thermo gun Stand for thermo gun To make the stand look more elegant , I decided to install a picture under the saucer – a view of the surf from the window. My daughter is very fond of marine paraphernalia, but since this is a gift, I decided to do something nice.
Stand for thermo gun But you can do without it, as you understand.
I made a markup for the picture, and, as before, made a selection for the picture with a boring machine.
 Stand for thermo gun Stand for thermo gun  Stand for thermo gun After trying on the gun in the holder, it turned out that it was necessary to make a sample at the bottom of the holder, under the trigger of the pistol. Apparently this will depend on the design of the latter.
Stand for thermo gun Then I carefully sanded the entire stand. On the narrow part of it – the handle is applied on both sides, recesses, for more comfortable holding the stand when moving.
Stand for thermo gun If someone did not pay attention , on the fork of the holder there are so to speak “shoulders”. I will repeat the photo just in case.
 Stand for thermo-pistol They also help to hold the stand in hand, and with a hot gun.
After removing dust from the stand after sanding, I opened it with yacht varnish twice. And he let it dry for two days. Then he opened the stand again with the same varnish.
 Stand for thermo gun Stand for thermo gun After the varnish dried, I picked up the material for the bottom of the stand base. Outlined, on the back side, the form of a stand.
Stand for thermo gun Stand for thermo gun  Stand for thermo gun Cut out and pasted into place. I glued everything in the same place with PVA glue.
Stand for thermo-pistol  Stand for thermo gun Then I pasted the picture.
Stand for thermo gun And set the saucer. It can be removed and inserted freely. It keeps on the stand due to the sample in it and its weight.
Stand for thermo-gun When working with a gun, it is still supported by the stand, what's on the gun itself.
Stand under the thermo-pistol Well, that's probably all.
Look, criticize, advise, ask.
Best regards, Senior Officer


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