Huge asteroid hurtling towards the Earth the date of the end of the world

Astrophysics announced, what a great threat is coming to our planet.

To the Earth sweeps huge asteroid called EA9. According to astronomers, on March 22 he will be at a closest distance from our planet, reports LigaNews with reference to ““.

It is reported that the asteroid will sweep past the Earth at a speed of 319,2 km/minute. And the diameter of the asteroid will be about 37 meters.

“The asteroid will fly past us at the speed of 5.37 km/s (relative to Earth) at 01:58 UTC on 22 March,” – said the Observatory astronomers.

Many assume that because of this asteroid and the end of the world. Scientists themselves don’t comment this information.

It is known that scientists also predicted the fall of the asteroid Apophis, which has a width of 325 meters. It was discovered in 2004 and named after the ancient Egyptian God of evil, darkness and destruction. According to preliminary information, the impact force of the above asteroid is 880 MT, which is 50 times larger than the power of a nuclear attack on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

It is also known, that after 73 years the wreck will happen deadly asteroid 2018XB4. According to the European space Agency, 2018XB4 is on the fifth place in the ranking of the most dangerous objects.
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