Referendums put obstacles

The last time Republicans appears to be pretty concerned about the fact that the proposals on granting the right to additional Medicaid populations will be approved in a referendum.

Nothing else can explain the development — particularly in Florida and Missouri bills, which include a significant tightening of the rules for filing such petitions. If adopted, the initiators have to make a bigger collection and to collect more signatures in support. And in 2020 in both States could be held such a referendum, since there is not agreed to expand Medicaid, but the legislation allows to issue the appropriate issue to citizens.

As noted by Jonathan Schleifer, Executive Director of the Fairness Project dealing with the implementation of such initiatives in Utah and Oklahoma, where the midterm elections, the voters were in favor of expanding Medicaid, Republicans in the legislatures are developing additional measures to limit the number of participants — including through provisions for the mandatory availability of work for assistance. And their position, they determine the fact that otherwise, the increase is too significant, and also the fact that the objective of Medicaid is to provide insurance compensation for treatment only the most needy, not just anyone who is short of money.

Prior to the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, this program is really spread, generally only children, pregnant women and people with disabilities. Subsequently, however, States had the opportunity to provide the right to participate in it and other categories of poor citizens, including men and childless.

This path went to 36 States and the district of Columbia, which is very frightening for Republicans because the increase in the cost of Medicaid can result in a reduction of funds for other vital programs. As for the imposition of restrictions on the adoption of such decisions at referendums, conservatives are concerned that in the opinion of the voters actively influenced by liberal organizations pursuing their own political goals.

The Republicans there are other ways to achieve their goals. So, Utah Governor Gary Herbert said that he could not ignore the people’s opinion and will agree to expanding Medicaid, but only for certain categories of the poor. As a result, the number of program participants in the state will be on 50 thousand less, than might be expected. And in Idaho, where the decision was supported by 60% of the population, the conservatives say that it is impossible to realize this plan, if the Federal government will reduce the size of the provided contributions.

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