Information war. Invasion

Revolution is not a dinner party, she came out as a book, drawing or embroidery. It is impossible to perform with the same elegance, serenity, delicacy, or tenderness, courtesy, restraint and generosity. A revolution is an uprising, an act of violence.

Mao Zedong

Cyber warfare (Cyberwarfare) — the confrontation (war) and the confrontation in cyberspace, including computer confrontation in the Global Network. Cyber warfare can be an integral part of global information war, but it could be a preparatory operation to start the real invasion and the preparation for the conduct of actual combat.

Aimed at destabilizing computer systems and Internet access, to undermine the communication of state institutions, financial and business centres and the creation of disorder and chaos in the life of Nations and States that rely on the Internet in everyday life, cyber war is a powerful means of global attacks.

In any case, in contrast to the “cold” information warfare that can take years, cyber warfare can lead to irreparable damage. Suffice it to recall the Chernobyl to understand what can cause a failure at a nuclear plant, to remember the different situations of violation of power supply of entire regions – so-called “black-outs” that would understand what can be the consequences of cyber attacks.

Just keep in mind that using social networks can effectively generate street protests. All the street protests of modern times, caused, later, the shocks of the bloody civil war in Syria and Ukraine were organized and coordinated using social networking.

Today we will consider a variety of options using the latest technology in this new military area. This article differs from all previous ones because the author, who has some experience with these technologies, and discuss hypothetical cases of their application.

So let’s say the intelligence services of the country which owns the high technology at the proper level, was the latest military development, some military research program in the field of application of high technology in the information war. For simplicity we will call this hypothetical military program, “project Perturbator” (troublemaker).

Suppose that the country is preparing to commit an act of military aggression against another country, which is its geopolitical enemy. In parallel, the Ministry of Defence wants to put in place all the systems project Perturbator to test them in combat.

So, the first day of active hostilities has not yet arrived, but if Perturbator is already running. There are complex artificial intelligence system. The damage from the attack should be fast and devastating.

Phase 1. Exploration and final analysis of data

First, start operating system data mining. The working principle of these systems we mentioned in the previous article. Long before the beginning of military operation of the automatic system has already collected information on target groups and politicians about the objects of cyber attacks. Now the system in automatic mode, start looking for vulnerabilities in programs management strategic projects – power plants, control systems, airports, mobile communications systems, automated production lines, control systems for railway transport. Vulnerability scan automated, as of today, this operation could handle a car at high speed information processing and endowed with the appropriate software. All the data is filtered and collected.

Artificial intelligence project Perturbator begins the process of social network analysis. Risk groups — dissatisfied, dissent, opposition, sectarian, youth gangs and other socially dangerous groups. Each group of bars the social graph. About social network analysis we are also told in a separate article. Of course, all this engine work will take time. The system divides socially unstable groups according to their importance and social danger. Depending on this, subsequently, will be made the decision on their application and supply.

Military psychologists have already conducted relevant work. Before we start operation, the leaders of the opposition groups marked the verge of capabilities of opposition groups. Set priorities. Developed direct methods of propaganda to different segments of the population.

Artificial intelligence project Perturbator starts the formation of the social media team of so-called “bots” on the basis of a detailed analysis of the facets of the social graph. It is necessary to stress that the artificial intelligence he begins to form the nodes of the social graph. Creating pages in social networks that are embedded in a particular social group. Prepares a message based on input data. Of course, for the preparation of the necessary experts. But the role of these professionals is to provide the necessary inputs for the system.

The task of “bots” — to make the necessary amendments and send a social group in the right direction. To spread the importance and priorities of targets for vandalism and sabotage.

At this stage of the project using the generated within the state-the enemy’s fifth column and through its network of agents to agitate the politicians, military experts and people who are in various key positions and the Directors of defense plants, and Directors of major infrastructure. This effect can be quite traditional and proven methods – bribery, blackmail, threats. The system also provided a group of these people, who are more to one or another kind of impact.

Phase 2. Social revolt

So, the automated analytical system performed its task in full possible volume. The priorities are. In social networks for each risk, starting to receive reports about illegal actions of the government and the need to shift the country’s leadership. Automatically generated by artificial intelligence project Perturbator bots spreading information about the betrayal of government. For example, animal advocates come mailing videos of terrible experiments on animals, dissidents communicated the facts about the violation of “human rights” law-enforcement agencies. Common street gangs are supplied with information about possible objects of plunder. Nationalist groups are saturated with information about the numerous crimes of migrants, killings and rapes which are accompanied by detailed visuals. The system analyzes the degree of social tension. When the “social triggers” is fully cocked, the opposition leaders receive instructions to bring people to the spontaneous rallies, protests and demonstrations. Artificial intelligence already figured out the situations in which law enforcement agencies will just have to use that particular weapon. By this time a network of agents distributes in the hot environment of the protesters narcotic drugs and combat stimulants. Ready “food packages” which will arrive demonstrators from “a sympathetic population”, because the start of the attack was prepared in advance of military personnel.

After increasing acts of violence system, using prepared and processed in advance of intelligence, guides the most radical group of protesters to capture the armories and military facilities communication infrastructure. Starts mass social revolt. Acts of vandalism and looting are increasing.

Phase 3. Interference with equipment and attack on the infrastructure

Artificial intelligence project Perturbator activates the malware used to attack the banking system, blocks the work of ATMs and payment systems. Parallel to the “bots” continue to disseminate information that the government had provoked the financial crisis. Automatic system attack control systems, railway junctions, airports, nuclear power stations. A certain percentage of these attacks is successful. The power stations having critical failures in the operation of the city plunged into darkness, there is a danger of unstable operation of the reactors at nuclear power plants. Partially disrupted rail and air transport. At this point in the state is the chaos began due to unrest, riots, looting and vandalism. Some particularly aggressive groups managed to capture the armories. In the cities, disrupted power supply, water supply and cellular communication. In the zones still functioning stations when going to a large number of civilians, people want to connect with your loved ones, as proved in extreme conditions of civil war. Artificial intelligence works in continuous analysis. Perturbator sends to the areas of the highest concentrations of people of a street gang. This also contributes to the agents of influence as you begin to refuse communication system. For the coordination of the leaders of the aggressive bands on this stage are beginning to use a communication system of the hostile country.

Phase 4. Denial of service

Infrastructure was partly destroyed. In the cities chaos, go street fighting. The government is trying to broadcast an appeal to the people and to restore at least some order. Artificial intelligence system project Perturbator decides to disable, if possible, all means of communication and completely block the Internet. Begins a massive cyber attack on the Internet and the remaining means of communication. All coordination of the opposition is conducted exclusively through the communications of agents of influence. In towns, there are military experts provocateurs. They pick a good firing point and firing from sniper weapons as security forces and opposition groups. No more Internet. The military have their own means of communication, but the civilian population is in a state of shock, disorganized and demoralized. The civilian population is transformed into an uncontrolled crowd. Civil communication is completely blocked.

Phase 5. Invasion

Analytics system project Perturbator continue to work. Based on the analysis of the decision on the possibility of direct expansion. At this point, the diplomats of the aggressor convince the UN about the need for immediate action against the “criminal government”. The issue of deployment of peacekeeping forces. And in this moment of heated debate, the aggressor “takes the initiative to stop this chaos.” Against the army of the unfortunate state, torn by civil war and chaos, the aggressors used high-precision weapons…


So, we considered a hypothetical situation of a direct attack made with the latest weapons systems. How this situation is “hypothetical” everyone can decide for himself. With confidence we can say that the modern development of technology allows to create a similar military kibersistemy. Cyberspace is a relatively new habitat for humanity. The question is that those States that exercise control over this cyber environment, it can control the whole world.

Read more about how to distribute information in a Global Network, about what is Deep Web and how even today there is destructive activity of this kind on the territory of Russia we will discuss in the next article.

Tanai Cholhanov, especially for News Front
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