Tool for imparting texture to metal

Tool for imparting texture to metal Hello
Today I made forged elements for the table and in its composition I needed to tie the forged roses with wire to the structure of the bark. When forging roses, I beat off the stem with a hammer and thereby gave the structure of the stem, but this look looks ugly. I decided to make a device for giving the structure of a punishment for round timber, and in general to assemble a universal device so that it was possible to work with it with any material. I looked at the general principle on the net and decided to do it. There are a lot of types of structure while I will make the texture of the punishment, and then if I need to collect other types. It took me very little material and half an hour to make homemade products. Well, there are a lot of benefits and the look of the finished product is quite acceptable.
Tool required

  1. Drill
  2. Grinder
  3. Welding


  1. Piece of spring
  2. Piece of metal 8mm
  3. Hammer
  4. Thin cutting disc

For the main working surface, you need to take hard metal with factory hardening for these purposes, the spring is ideally suited since it is thick and hard. A hammer made of 50 steel is already hardened and also solid, so you need to work with it carefully so as not to overheat otherwise the metal will lose its factory strength and after a couple of blows it will simply lose its working qualities.
For the thrust surface, I took an 8 mm thick plate 5 cm wide and 15 cm long, brushed everything and welded everything with electric welding from all sides. When welding, I very often cool it so as not to overheat, otherwise the spring will become soft. After each potholder, I cool it in water. I took the plate longer than the spring in order to drill a hole for fastening. You can just weld metal from below and clamp it in a vice, but my teskas are fixed to an iron table and all the neighbors will be angry during work. And for this very reason, in order not to have problems with “Beloved Neighbors”, I will simply fix everything on a stump so it will be much quieter and I myself will not go deaf. After boiling, I clean everything with a brush and proceed to the texture.
Tool for giving metal texture  Tool for giving metal texture Tool for imparting texture to metal To give texture to the spring, you can use a file or a metal file, but this is a very long process. But the end result will be of better quality than with a grinder. Since I was a lazy person, I used a lug and a thin cutting disc on the surface of the spring, I just make shallow cuts, trying to make the cuts chaotically so that the pattern was not just stripes, but in the form of bark the cuts were made at low speeds so as not to overheat the metal as close to each other as possible so that the pattern was small rather than large dents in the metal.
After working with the grinder, I sharpen all the edges a little with a file so that there are no obtuse corners. Well, after that I do the same with a hammer, but I leave more distance between the cuts and I also trim it with a file after work, I grind everything with a brush so that everything looks neat and beautiful. There was no suitable wooden handle for the hammer and I had to weld a piece of a 20 by 20 mm square well, everything seems to be convenient. I drilled two holes on the thrust plate for mounting on the stump. Well, that's all ready to paint, I decided not to just clean everything up and that's it.
< img class = "aligncenter" alt = "Tool for giving metal texture" src = ""/> Tool for imparting texture to metal  Tool for giving metal texture Tool for imparting texture to metal Tool for giving metal texture  Tool for giving metal texture Well, that's all ready, the device was fixed with self-tapping screws to the stump, and tried to mold the 8mm rod during molding, if you heat the workpiece, the drawing turns out to be beautiful, and most importantly, you work faster, I think to show you how to work, you do not need to work all the big ones with a hammer can work. But sometimes there is no way to heat the workpieces, it is possible to work the drawing a little worse on a cold one, but, but it is the same as on a hot one. When striking, the workpiece needs to be rotated and striking in different places sometimes and repeatedly so the drawing every time to be unique and beautiful. Here is a photo of how it turns out for a cold one, I think it will fit for a bark, it seems like, and most importantly, it is uniquely beautiful and with your own hands in 30 minutes of free time.
 Tool for giving metal textureTool for giving metal texture  Tool for giving metal texture Conclusion
Well, that's all dear friends, the homemade product is ready for all the work, it took almost an hour and a minimum of materials. I think in the evening you can rivet more than one such with a different pattern on the network there are a lot of examples, so just repeat it for every taste. Instead of a hammer, you can also use a spring by making it in the form of a crimp on a spring, but this is a long time, and more material will be needed, and I have very little spring. I already have such a hammer, I found it at the storekeeper, so I got it for free, it was not a pity, especially since it is now in an excellent homemade product, I regret that I had not assembled such a very good piece before, I think it will serve me for more than one year. Somehow I will assemble another such homemade product only with a different texture, since I often have to work with such a decor. In general, he told everything he wanted, he showed me, but how I will assemble the table, I will definitely show you everything I do along the way, I don’t know what will happen on the network, I didn’t take it, as I want only me to have such a table.
Well, that's all my friends for today my homemade product is completed all good and good luck and until new homemade products Friends on our site Visiting Samodelkina.
 Tool for giving metal texture  Tool for giving metal texture


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