The congressmen appealed to the Ambassador Antonov to help get the kids back Mobley

Republican Congressman from Wichita (KS), Ron Estes, sent a letter to the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov with the request to help to return to his father, Brian Mobley, daughters in California. The letter was signed by four of the Congressman. Mother of Sophia and Isabella left them in Russia, and she is now in an American prison and charged with their kidnapping and extorting money from their father. Recently, a jury found her guilty and she faces up to 43 years in prison. Also, a US court ruled that the daughter should stay with father Brian Mobley.


It should be understood that we do not seek to destroy the life of Ms. Osipova, and Mr. Mobley. Mr. Mobley has repeatedly stated that he wants Ms. Osipova left in the life of Sophia and Isabella. Mr. Mobley is ready to ask the court for leniency during sentencing Osipova, if the children are returned, “—said in a letter to Estes. In a previous letter Estes mentioned the efforts of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to achieve a diplomatic solution, including issuance of passports for girls in recognition of their U.S. citizenship.

However, Antonov said Estes, that the Russian citizen was the victim of “discrimination and psychological pressure” in accordance with the Federal criminal case, and recalled the decision of the Russian court, according to which children should stay in Russia. “Osipova returned to the United States in 2017 to apply to an American court and get custody of their children, but instead she was sent to prison. From the time she is detained. She is subjected to brutal and inhuman treatment“, — said Antonov.

The situation was commented by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “We are always concerned when we have problems of this kind. But suffice it to say that the Department of State makes every effort to ensure the fair treatment of parental rights. And when we have problems related to the abduction, when the citizens of the United States do wrong, the state Department is always fully occupied, to ensure that we deliver these people to the right place“.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the USA Antonov refused to help to return to Kansas children Osipov-Mobley updated: March 22, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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