You know, someone from star colleagues attended the farewell to Julia Nachalova

Farewell to the singer will start at 12:00 and will last up to 14 hours. The singer will be buried on Troekurov cemetery.

As LigaNews already passed earlier parting was noticed by her friend and colleague Alexander Panayotov, actress Comedy Woman Elena borscheva and the soloist of group “Prime Minister” Jean Milimerov.

LigaNews now reports the online broadcast of the farewell Julia Nachalova.

Later we drove the businessman and patron of art Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov, famous by the nickname Taiwanchik. He told reporters what Nachalova beautiful girl and good-hearted man.

Were also seen and a soloist of “Ivanushki” Kirill Andreev with his wife.

“I kept in touch with dad, Julia, while she was in the hospital. He just thanked for the support, more anything could not tell,” – said Andreev.

In the photographic lens of the journalists got well-known tamer Edgar Zapashny, who said he was terrified after learning the news of the death of Julia. Zapashny added that the singer never complained of illness and was always in good spirits.

Noticed was the well-known singer Irina Saltykov. Journalists tried to take her comment, but the singer refused to talk to anyone.

Vlad Topalov also tried to hide from journalists. Behind him came Anastasia Stotskaya, who have expressed their condolences to the family of Nachalovo and said many nice words about the singer.

“I’m sad, very painful. Condolences to the family, everything as in a fog, like a dream. Very sorry that she is gone, but there’s her music, her talent. She will forever remain in our memories laughing smiling laugh, ironically, is childish. All of these qualities she has retained, despite the falsity in your personal life and profession, and the pain experienced from the disease,” said Stotsky.

To spend his last journey also came a close friend of the singer Igor nadzhiev.

“Her soul was clean, bright and her smile is charming, it will remain forever. Her death raised it to an unattainable height – she was a Princess, and will remain Queen forever. She complained it is difficult to climb the stairs. I thought it would heal everything. But it was fatal. No one could have imagined. Such people should live,” – said Igor.

As previously reported LigaNews, fans are outraged that they were not allowed to the coffin of Julia Nachalova. It is also known that the first footage from the farewell Julia Nachalova seen the star friends of the singer.
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