The US is preparing to strike at the Central Bank of Russia a new package of sanctions

The document refers to a large list of restrictive measures that will affect every Russian.

The U.S. Congress published the draft legislation on new sanctions against Russia. This document can have a significant tightening of the current sanctions regime, with the result that he will be one step closer to the “Venezuelan”. It is reported by “League news Russia”.

According to the document, developed by a senators Lindsey Graham and Bob Menendez, requires the introduction of additional constraints, covering the inflow to Russia of foreign currency financing. In addition, provides for the implementation of the ban the supply of Western technology for oil extraction and development of the LNG industry.

The U.S. Congress issued a document on sanctions

Moreover, CBR will be banned from bringing in foreign currency in foreign markets through swap transactions. Sanctions will apply to loans to the Bank of Russia for longer than 14 days.

Despite the reserves of 460 billion dollars, The Central Bank periodically calls for currency to Western creditors. So, he actively sought dollar liquidity in the summer and autumn of 2017, amid the collapse of the Bank “Discovery” and the subsequent nationalization of two banks (PSB and b & n).

Then in the short term, the Central Bank took 8.8 billion dollars, increasing its total debt to 11.3 billion. 8 – year-old record. By the summer of 2018, the Central Bank returned the full amount, and on January 1, its external debt on loans amounted to 1,998 billion.

The USA prepared to enter the tough sanctions that will affect every Russian

A new draft from the Senate practice such emergency monetary loans are the de-facto stop.

The document also calls for new tough sanctions against Russian banks, to carry out “financial or other support to the intervention of the government in democratic elections” abroad.

Finally, the bill needs to expand the “black list” of individuals.

In addition, the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin said that the Russian economy has no immunity to sanctions. The new sanctions package, developed in the United States, says the official, will cause the country’s next economic shock. According to Kudrin, today Russia involved in world trade, and 70-80% dependent on imported technology, primarily in manufacturing industries, and therefore “sensitive to any sanctions from the outside.”
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