Awakening after a 10-year dream: close to the Sun noticed the movement of deadly stars

Experts said that outer space was witnessed by the revival of potentially dangerous object.

It was found that the authors of the above discoveries, were members of the British and German universities. It should be noted that a Magnetar XTEJ1810-197 again showed signs of activity after 10 years of silence. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that the sunset occurred in the middle of the ocean.

The data indicate the beginning of certain processes in the bowels of the facility. As a result of explosions on neutron stars in space follow the streams of radiation that can reach our planet. In such circumstances it is likely there may be glitches in the functioning of some equipment.

The first signs of activity on this star was noticed at the end of the previous year telescope, which was located in the English Observatory Jodrell Bank. It is not excluded that the dream ended, because the object has accelerated to almost three times its own rotation. The body is included in the list of the most anomalous objects of this type, in total there are 23 such stars.

According to preliminary information, distance from earth the object is 10 thousand light years.
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