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Good day, everyone! Music center
I will continue the creative project of the” Second Life “series of old things.
The interior inside the gazebo is stylized in antique style, a la pieces from the past, home life, in any case, I tried so hard. A table from a bed from a sewing machine I already described in his article on the site, and the rest of the things “worked out” up to this point over the years. Earlier, I did not know about the site, and even earlier, it still did not exist. Here is the “Chandelier” soon, probably “I will repeat”, material for homemade products is going.
Music center Music Center Music Center adjust it “to” Music Center “Retro” with modern digital technologies.
I went on an “expedition” to antique shops, to see something for what, namely watched “Radiola” of the early Soviet period. The priority was directed to the compactness of the products. But, basically, there were big exhibits on sale, or completely “killed” by time. But he who seeks will find…. Approaching one of the shops, my gaze “caught” one exhibit, stands, “dear” in a showcase with an edge. This “Radiola”, in principle, suited the parameters conceived by me, and to be honest, at the moment there were no options, even “Avito” was not helpful and a trip to the village for “abandonment”.
Music Center A long and stubborn bargaining began (as I like), with options for exchanging anything, etc. In general, the price was cut in half, since I take only the case (which is what I need), and the “insides” are left for analysis into aluminum, copper and “silver? Music center “. The owner took this unit off the sale and began to disassemble it. I pulled out the insides, but it turned out that everything is “monolithic” with the front, glass part. The option of parsing the part with the setting knobs did not suit me. In short, he was picking, he was sweating (heat), the upper turntable also does not “go” (the thread on the screws is clogged), as a result, “hesitated”, freaked out, Music center cut a step-down transformer for copper, and at this moment we parted solemnly …
Music center This is how I got the body from the “Record – 61
” radio < img class = "aligncenter" alt = "Music center" Retro "." Second life "of old things" src = ""/> Music Center Music center I think the purchase was successful. Music center For 56 years (the speakers were manufactured in 1965), the case, the front panel (this is the first thing that is” killed “), yes and the equipment was originally in good condition.
And so, let's take care of the “patient.”
Materials and tools: Music Center
1. Furniture bolts.
2. Speakers.
3. Fasteners.
4. Parquet varnish.
5. “Radiola”.
6. Masking tape.
7. Nylon ties 2.5×150.
8. Amplifier with FM radio .
1. Side cutters.
2. Electric engraver with attachments.
3. Drill.
4. Pencil.
5. Painting brushes.
6. Hex keys.
7. Kern.
8. Hammer.
9. Screwdriver + -.
10. Soldering iron with accessories.
11. Pliers.
12. Drill, Ф3, 5, 10mm.
13. Construction stapler.
14. LBM.
15. Hair dryer for construction.
16. Screwdriver.
STEP 1 Disassembly and general cleaning.
I will dismantle the parts in such a way as to keep the appearance of the “Radiola” to the maximum.
Under the base, I release the “Radiola” case and clean the interior space. To do this …
I remove a block of adjustments with boards.
Music center Separately, I release the wave tuning mechanism from the radio components and wires with the kinematics of the arrow movement along the scale, with the adjustment knobs.
I will give the radio parts to the seller, it seems like there was an agreement.
Music center Music Center I remove the upper case cover.
Music center Disassembling the player. “Bit off” four fastening screws (thread clogged). Remove the turntable unit. I took off the motor with the capacitor and part of the disk drive.
Music center Music Center All the” blocks “bear the stamp of the OTK of the plant, but , unfortunately, no check dates.
Music Center Music center I removed the cardboard plugs from the technological windows for adjusting and repairing the Radiola electrical circuit.
Music center Unscrewed four screws (then they were called that) and removed the panel with the speakers.
So, by the stigma on the dynamics, I determined in what year (1965) Radiola was produced, I think that the parts at that time were not stale in warehouses, but were immediately put into production. I gave the speakers to the seller too.
Musical center The speakers were fixed in “T” -shaped grooves, with special screws, with a nut.
Music center Prepared the details for the “bath”. I washed everything separately. Cockroaches have lived inside the campaign for years (corpses, empty eggs Music center ), and whoever did not have them in Soviet times, Everyone fought with them as best they could. The metal eaten away from the cockroach go-on, but tried to wash all the details as much as possible.
Music center Music Center Music center By the way, in the background, in the photo, stands “Silver”, waiting for its turn. This is another project from the “Second Life of Old Things” series – “A simple sharpener for MSD on the farm” .
But one minus still turned out to be, no matter how hard I tried to wash and dry the rag facade of the panel, the darkened glue (it dissolves very strongly from water, it is impossible to wet it too much) and the yellowness from the “time” did not disappear. Music center
Music center
It was decided to go to the fabric store and choose the right cut.
The old fabric was removed, the panel was cleaned and covered with a new jacquard stretch fabric. Before and after photos.
Music center Music Center & laquo; Retro & raquo ;. Music Center STEP 2 Cosmetics.
Wooden case “Radiola” was cosmetic tinted in tone, tried as best he could. Chips and strong scratches were tamped with a cotton swab, a protective compound in Oregon color.
After the “cosmetics” the body was varnished inside and out. I covered the cardboard parts with varnish, for the further preservation of them, and the original inscriptions.
By the way, 2 life hacks for you. 1st, chips and cracks on the plywood of the speaker mounts, from the factory were sealed with paper strips, at first I did not understand why the paper was stuck, and then how pooonallll …, Music center after rinsing from the glue, the top layer of plywood began to twist along the cracks (the type of plywood is the “latest” type – still under a rag). Grinding with a nozzle, glued masking tape and under varnish.
2nd, if you put a bag on a tray for painting, then “hemorrhoids” disappear, followed by washing.

Music center Music Center & laquo; Retro & raquo ;. STEP 2 Donors.
Donors for the speakers “volunteered”, speakers from the musical center of the “zero” years, the company “AIWA” and a subwoofer of the 5.1 system. home theater of the same years, the company “Elenberg”.
A Chinese “amplifier” with FM radio “went” to the “brain” as a donor, and for all this to work, there was also a power supply board, of unknown origin, for 12 volts.
I will not describe the process of removing “organs”, I will say one thing – donors parted with them easily. Music center
Music center & laquo; Retro Music center Music Center Music center Music Center Music Center  Music center STEP 3 Build.
At first I thought that the front panel “amp” would be structurally separate and installed in a convenient place through a loop, I even wanted for the glass, drilling holes for knobs and buttons in it, but upon analysis it turned out that the whole structure was “monolithic”. “Squeaking with my heart” I decided to cut the metal frame of the turntable. After marking, “No room for error” cut a technological hole in the frame of the turntable.
Chutarik, all the same, the hand with the “grinding” of the electric engraver jumped off, when he expanded the groove for the passage of the “amplifier” board, scratched the corner … < img class = "aligncenter" alt = "Music center" Retro "." Second life "of old things" src = ""/> but not to metal.
Music center Music Center Music center Music Center To control the knobs on the front panel of the “Radiola”, only the kinematics of the frequency arrow remained. I decided to use the left handle of the switch or switch (I keep asking: “How is it correct?”  Music center ) the entire “Radiola”, to highlight the scale. I went to an auto parts store and got two 12 volt LED bulbs with a small base. I cut off the installation “antennae” from one side of the bulbs and they “stood” in the threaded sockets “like family.”
Music Center The power supply is still that” Frankenstein “Music center . Trial run – on.
Musical center I install it in the frame, pre-wiring the poles. It's good that when parsing, I left the ends of the wires, otherwise the place of welding did not want to get tinned. For the first time I noticed that the wires were welded, not soldered, an interesting technology, but now it is not used, probably …
Music center Music center & laquo; Retro & raquo ;. I finally install the speaker panel with the decor panel, insert the glass into frame and fix everything in place.
Music center The main speakers had to be installed in place, the dimensions do not allow them to be installed in their regular places … I glued the tweeters to the frame, where there are many technological holes.
Music center Music center & laquo; Retro & raquo ;. The subwoofer was installed on the “floor”, above the frame, there are regular tech. windows for repair “Radiola”. I had to cut the plastic sleeves into screws, 30 mm each. the diffuser “saba” rested against the edges of the frame and over time, its rubber membrane would have rubbed against them.
Music center For the power supply transformer, from a plumbing adjustable clamp Ф110 – 150 mm, bent into the size of the mount.
 Music center Music center Fastened the giblets of the PSU to the Radiola case.
< img class = "aligncenter" alt = "Music center" Retro "." Second life "of old things" src = ""/> Since the amplifier microcircuit, initially, was pressed against the case, which cooled it, a cooling radiator was purchased and installed in the place intended for it.
Music center Music center I fixed the turntable frame to its regular place.
Well, then I started and finished the wiring by points. Supply wires for 12 and 220 V, connected through the blocks (220 through “ceramics”). I secured the wires with ties in bundles. Somehow it happened …
Music Center  Music center Music Center Music Center Installed protective cartons in those. windows (will be repaired again), and felt self-adhesive on the legs.
Music center Music Center It turned out “Retro radio” with elements of a record player. I believe that I have retained the general meaning of “Radiola” in this reconstruction. Music center
Music center Music Center & laquo; Retro & raquo ;. Music center Staged “New Old Men” – radio and table from the bed from the sewing machine , from the previous publication, to the garage for coating with a 2m layer of varnish.
Music center Everything, “Jobizdon!” Music center
STEP 4 Pleasant sensations.
We plug the plug into the socket, press the buttons, turn the “handles” and listen to pleasant music. Music center
PS Aux cord – tulips, I will order in netmagaz.
I tried to do everything so that “Balm for the eyes”. Do it beautifully, but it will be ugly and so it will turn out. Be creative, but do not mess up ….
GOOD LUCK !!! Music center The question topic is automatically published in social media. site network – follow the answers there too:

Reconstruction is …
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