Conservatives against executions

The Republican party traditionally has supported that heinous crimes were punished with maximum severity. However, in recent times they have initiated the abolition of capital punishment.

Appropriate Billy, the authors proceed from the moral and economic aspects, was submitted this year for consideration of the legislatures of Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana and Wyoming, where the majority are Republicans. In the near future such step plan to take and in Louisiana. And some conservatives supported a similar bill that was developed in new Hampshire, where the power belongs to the Democrats.

Overall, in 2000, for the abolition of the death penalty expressed in all 4 Republican, served in the state legislatures, and now, according to the Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, their number increased to 27.

The highest measure is stored in 30 States, but the penalty is carried out rarely, and for a number of reasons, from a doubt of the justice of the sentences to the banal shortage of drugs used for lethal injection. As a result, last year, as reported by the Death Penalty Information Center, 8 States were executed 25 people, whereas in 1999 their number reached 98 — the highest since 1976, when the Supreme court upheld the constitutionality of such punishment.

Partly the Republicans changed their minds, not of humanity, but due to the length and cost of trials, the results of which the convicted person may be sentenced to death. So, a study conducted in Kansas showed that on average, they cost 400 thousand dollars, which is 4 times more than the rest of the proceedings.

Moreover, the legislature certainly drew attention to changes in public opinion. In 2018, the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, showed that penalty save support only 35% of Democrats and 77% of Republicans, and with 1996, the figures had fallen respectively 36 and 10 percentage points.

However, as assured Chad McCoy and Jared Olson, representing the Republican party in the legislatures, respectively, of Kentucky and Wyoming, they are developing bills to abolish capital measures was guided largely by economic considerations.

In Wyoming, for example, since 1977 executed only one criminal, but, nevertheless, the costs for the services of public defenders in such cases, amount to an average of 750 thousand dollars a year. Although the lower house of the legislature of this state voted for the abolition of the death penalty, in the top such a solution is not supported.

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