Participants of anti-NATO protests in Serbia gave gratitude to the Embassy of the Russian Federation

Last night in the Serbian capital hosted a rally dedicated to the anniversary of the start of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia. Several thousand people gathered in front of the General staff, destroyed in one of the air attacks, then an organized marched to the Russian Embassy, where the participants handed a letter of thanks Moscow for a clear position on the Kosovo issue and condemnation of the bombing.

“I will never forget how NATO destroyed our country, killed civilians, women, children, innocent children. Because of them our Kosovo for 20 years living under occupation,” said Branislav Sincic, a veteran of the Serbian army.

During a meeting at the General staff, the speakers reiterated that the crimes of NATO in Serbia is impossible to forget or forgive. They stressed that Kosovo is part of Serbia and it cannot be a subject of debate. The audience chanted “Kosovo — heart of Serbia”, “NATO get out of Serbia”, “Serbia, Russia and the European Union we do not need”, “Kosovo is Serbia, Crimea is Russia”.

In addition, during the campaign you were also collecting signatures for the elimination of the NATO mission at the Ministry of defence of Serbia.

To posolstvo Russia procession came with fire, with Patriotic songs and slogans, including the Russian-Serbian friendship. Many carried the combined flags of Russia and Serbia. Three of the organizers handed a Russian diplomat a letter of thanks to zaposizhia Moscow on the bombing of Yugoslavia, made on the eve of the UN.

“We were assured that Russia firmly holds its positions on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, what is needed to comply with Resolution 1244,” affirmed one of the leaders of the rally, Jovan stojković returned from the Embassy. Her words were met with applause.

“Russia in the UN security Council stated that the bombing of Yugoslavia and the General policy of the globalists on Serbia was a precedent, said in front of the Embassy Damned knežević. We saw what happened in Libya, Iraq, Syria.”

Knežević also commented on the anti-government protests in the organization of Pro-Western politicians: “that protest every Saturday, from them we have not seen any demand for the abolition of the Marrakesh agreement by which migrants settle in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, no Treaty with NATO or the Brussels agreement [between Belgrade and Pristina]”.
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