The woman almost died, introducing himself intravenously juice

51-year-old Zeng County Guyyang in Chenzhou, Hunan province (Central China), decided an unconventional way to improve your health. Ltd/CC

As reported by Asia One, February 22, she, being in good health, made a juice of 20 kinds of fruits and injected it into a vein using a drip. Feeling terrible itch and fever, she didn’t offer to take believing that it went in her favor.

I thought that fresh fruit is very useful and it will not bring me harm, if the juices from them to enter into my body, “explained Zeng reporters later, when able to speak.

That night, her husband noticed that something is wrong and elicited from her the whole truth about “Wellness” shots. Terrified, the man drove his wife to the district hospital. There, assessing the situation, decided to send her to the affiliated hospital of Annenskogo University, where she was immediately placed in the intensive care unit.

Liu Czasu who treated her doctor, said that Zeng was severe infection, a severely damaged liver, kidney and heart, she could die from organ failure and sepsis. The doctors cleaned her blood with dialysis, coagulation injected medications and gave her antibiotics. The state of Zeng has improved in just five days, she was transferred to the Department of renal replacement therapy. Recently Zeng was released from the hospital, but she remains under medical supervision.

I had no idea that it would lead to such trouble, “—says the experiment Zeng.

A nutritionist from Beijing Lu Joni said on Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) that “some fruit, of course, healthy veins, but that does not mean that they should be administered intravenously“.

Social history, Zeng has quickly gained a huge number of commentators with the hashtag #OldWomanPutsJuiceIntoVeins. Thousands of users around the world now praise the Chinese doctors, cope with the unexpected exam, and husband to the perseverance and Viitasalo the wife the whole truth, so he in time brought the wife to the hospital.

In China a woman is injected into a vein fruit juice updated: March 24, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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