Odessa, and then Romania: Hodges called the new “target” of Russia in the West

Russia is ready to invade Romania if NATO does not intervene. This statement was made by Ben Hodges, former commander of land forces of the United States in Europe.

The American General said that NATO should have a clear understanding of their potential opponents, according to the resource “the Tape.Ru“.

Hodges stressed that the fight against global terrorism is very good, but we should not forget about the threat from China and Russia.

The former Commander is confident that Moscow will continue to look for cracks in the differences between NATO members to then use to their advantage. Hodges has no doubt that the main goal of Russia today – the black sea region. If the West won’t stop Russia, after Crimea, the threat hovering over Odessa and Romania, I’m sure Hodges.

Only the cohesion of NATO can stop Russia, and war the United States and China could begin in the next 10 years, concluded his speech with the General.
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