The British Parliament voted to delay Brekzita

The British Parliament on Thursday evening, March 14, voted on the question of postponement of the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. Two weeks before the official due date Brekzita — March 29 — the terms “divorce” of great Britain in a United Europe remains unknown.

Members of the British house of Commons late Thursday evening endorsed the proposal of the Prime Minister Theresa may on transfer deadline Brexit from 29 March to 30 June 2019.

The proposal was supported by 412 MPs 202 and opposed. In addition, the deputies voted against the second referendum.

On Tuesday, March 12, the House of Commons for the second time voted against the agreement on the exit procedure, which Prime Minister Theresa may has signed with the EU leadership. The first time the Parliament rejected the Treaty on January 15.

On Wednesday, British MPs also voted against the “hard Brekzita”. Failing to get re-approval of the agreement with Brussels, Theresa may put to the vote the question of the consent of the deputies to the British exit from the EU on March 29, without any agreement. The house of Commons voted against such a possibility — “in any circumstances”.

This Thursday the government may put to the vote the question of the postponement of Brekzita. In the text submitted by the Prime Minister, contains the proposal to move the release date to June 30 — but only if MPs finally approve a contract with the EU until March 20.

“Short technical delay (the release date) we will be given only if the agreement will enter into force,” the deputies warned Theresa may.

European Council President Donald Tusk on Thursday urged the Union to be ready to provide “long delay” Brekzita at the EU summit on March 21-22.
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