Nachalova buried, and not waiting for Pugacheva, who has come to say goodbye to the singer

At a funeral ceremony in Moscow were a lot of people.

Thursday, March 21, Moscow hosted a farewell to the singer Julia Nachalova who died in the 39th year of life on March 16. Many Russian colleagues of the actress called for a mourning event. On it informs “the“reports “League news Russia”.

The list came to the funeral of Yulia Nachalova included Vlad Topalov, Alexander Peskov, Philip. People’s artist of the country, Alla Pugacheva, in turn, for the funeral came.

Amputation of the leg and accidental death: the doctor Nachalovo revealed the cause of the tragic care

Also say goodbye to the artist decided the soloist of “Ivanushki International” Kirill Andreev, circus animal trainer Edgard Zapashny, singers Vlad Topalov, Irina Saltykova, Anastasia Stotskaya, Zara, Katya LEL, Philip Kirkorov, actor Alexander Mikhailov, parodist Alexander Peskov, producer Bari Alibasov and many others.

Answering questions from the press, the Manager of the singer Anna Isaeva are unable to hold back the tears. However, she expressed the hope that Nachalova will be awarded the title of honored artist of the country posthumously.

The daughter of Yulia Nachalova brought to the funeral of the mother: the girl is not holding back emotions

In turn, the man confessed that still could not believe that the death of the popular singer: “Honey, even in winter was always smiling. Incredibly beautiful, kind, gentle. I can’t believe”.

In addition, a longtime friend of the deceased Nachalovo Lena Lenina, socialite, stated that it wished to raise in the future, the daughter of the artist. She added that she was happy to be adopted by a 12-year-old heiress girlfriend.

As stressed by Lenin, it would surround the girl with love and care, but unfortunately, it is unlikely to issue guardianship.
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