Anomaly on Mars: scientists are unable to establish the origin of the mysterious flashes on the planet

Representatives of the scientific announced the presence of strange anomalies on the surface of Mars.

It should be noted that around Mars had a lot of discussions. Scientists are exploring Mars with telescopes, probes and Rovers, trying to find traces of life. In addition, the surface of the red planet managed to find the traces of ancient civilizations. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First on Mars has revealed the tooth of a Megalodon.

The last of unsolved sacraments is the presence of mysterious flashes on the planet. The first bright flash was observed by the English astronomer, Illing in December 1896. Some researchers have linked it with the supposed Martian civilization.

Second scientist, who noticed abnormal formation, was Nikolai Barabashov. This formation had a direct similarity with a white stripe and lasted for 240 seconds.

The exhaust is bright blue, which lasted about five minutes, they saw through telescopes, many astronomers in the early summer of 1937. The latest evidence was anomalous glow on a space object is dated in 1956. After this incident, evidence of the repetition of the anomaly was not witnessed.

At the moment, scientists are unable to explain the origin of the phenomenon.
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