Bandi goes personal against CM, claims Etala is gaining supporters

KARIMNAGAR: BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Saturday went personal on TRS president K. Chandrashekar Rao and termed him as ‘90 ml Chief Minister’.  

Participating in the Praja Deevena Yatra conducted by former minister and BJP leader Etala Rajendar at Ellanthakunta of Huzurabad constituency in Karimnagar on Saturday, Sanjay Kumar said Chandrashekar Rao made some promises “after having every peg” and finally he claimed to have made no such promise.

People hated to have such a Chief Minister in the state, Sanjay said and accused the Chief Minister of promising employment to one member in each family after consuming the first peg, double bedroom houses to the poor after the second, three acres of land to Adivasis after the third, making a Dalit the Chief Minister after the fourth, claiming himself a supreme being after the fifth, implementing Ayushman Bharat in the state after the sixth and after finishing the seventh peg, forgetting all those promises he had made.

Chandrashekar Rao was losing sleep after the intelligence department had given its report that the voting percentage of Rajendar, which was earlier 50 per cent in Huzurabad constituency, had now increased to 71 per cent.

Having no idea how to gain upper hand over Rajendar in Huzurabad constituency, Chandrashekar Rao made false promises once again, Sanjay Kumar said, adding that during the GHMC elections, when Hyderabad was hit with heavy rains, the CM had promised that he would give Rs 10,000 to every household but betrayed the people after the elections.

“KCR will do the same with the Dalita Bandhu scheme. He will give the financial assistance to just 100 members and then insist his own person to put up a petition in the court to stop the scheme to blame the BJP and Rajendar. Members of SC and ST communities should not leave KCR until he sanctions Rs 10 lakh to each and every household,” he appealed.

Chandrashekar Rao did not have any affection for Dalits. He betrayed Dalits by making false promise of making a Dalit the Chief Minister, he removed a Dalit leader from the post of deputy Chief Minister without any reason and was trying malign the great history of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and the sacrifices which were done by Komaram Bheem and Chakali Ilavva, the BJP MP said and added that Rao was the only Chief Minister in the country who did not attend the birth and death anniversaries of Ambedkar. “Why did he not install the 125-foot Ambedkar statue in Hyderabad which he had promised,” he questioned.

If Rajendar would not have come out of the TRS, the sops, funds and schemes which the TRS was introducing and sanctioning would not have come to Huzurabad, he said.

Sanjay said as soon as the BJP formed the government in Telangana, it would install Ambedkar statue in Hyderabad and celebrate the Telangana Liberation Day on September 17, and added that they would bring the black money which was hidden by Rao and his family in foreign countries and distribute it to the poor families in the state.

The TRS was trying to threaten the BJP workers and leaders by lodging false cases against them, but the BJP was not one to be afraid of such cheap politics. BJP would teach a fitting lesson to the TRS and Rao if they did not mend their ways, he warned.

“I feel very sad for Rajendar. He served the people of Huzurabad all these years. Despite Chandrashekar Rao creating so many problems for him, he faced everything bravely for the sake of Huzurabad people,” Sanjay Kumar said.

BJP leaders Gujjala Premandar Reddy, former MPs Jithendar Reddy and Chada Suresh Reddy, former MLAs Yendala Lakshminarayana, Dharma Rao and Bodiga Shoba, N.V.S.S. Prabhakar, Sridhar, Tula Uma, Ande Babaiah, Rao Padma Rao, G. Krishna Reddy and village sarpanch K. Sri Latha were among those who were present.



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