Trump new enemy

Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, led by Democrat Adam Schiff, is tasked to lead the investigation of the White house Daniel Goldman, a former employee of the Federal Prosecutor’s office for the southern district of new York. And it is devoted to the fact if you knew that Donald trump and members of his election headquarters in 2016 about the intentions of Russia to stop Hillary Clinton.

Last year this experienced lawman, who previously held the post of Deputy head of Department on fight against organized crime and has achieved a conviction nearly 30 members of the Russian gangs suspected of money laundering and racketeering, has said it will not have the slightest hesitation, if he had to present to the President charged with violation of the legislation on financing of election campaigns.

“While Michael Cohen can be used as a witness, Donald trump may be prosecuted, and that the former lawyer has already been convicted of fraud, is the greatest threat,” he added. It is noteworthy that he made this statement almost 3 months before Cohen once again gave testimony to Congress, accusing the President of crimes, and during the tenure.

The investigation deals with the participation of trump and his ties with Russia, not only in 2016, but even in the 1990s, lead and other committees of the Congress, which now, after the victory in the midterm elections, was led by the Democrats. And it is possible that the main current figure will be Goldman — not least due to the fact that the Prosecutor’s office of the southern district is now exploring previously unknown facts, and as reported by Cohen, noting that because of this he could not yet disclose part of the information available to it about the Affairs of his former client.

The Congress was also interested in documents that shed light on the meeting, trump and Vladimir Putin, and intend to call to testify interpreters present at these negotiations.

“There are various legal arguments in favor of involvement of the incumbent President to justice, noted Goldman. — In some cases it may already expire the Statute of limitations, witnesses would refer to the fact that I do not remember. But remain unaffected the fundamental principles according to which it is impossible to deceive the voters to take a position, and then use it as protection. But while the Ministry of justice believes that the head of state jurisdiction during his tenure, nothing you can do about it, neither the special Prosecutor nor the district Prosecutor’s office”.

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