The US continues its pressure on the European Union, preventing the supply of Russian gas to Europe

The United States, which today has virtually lost its influence on European allies in the energy question, decided to play a dirty game. This is evidenced by the adoption by the U.S. House of representatives bill on combating the energy supply of Russia in Europe.

For the bill voted 391 Congressman, 24 – against. According to official statements, the American establishment, the bill provides for “reducing the dependence” of European countries on Russian gas supplies, and also encourages investments by U.S. firms in energy infrastructure in Europe.

The document also States that the United States intends to support the construction of pipelines, which are designed to help implement these goals.

For the document to enter into force it must be approved by the Senate and signed by the President of the country.

The situation is commented political analyst, candidate of philosophical Sciences Paul Klockow the TV channel “TV NewsFront”. According to the speaker, today we are witnessing an attempt to further pressure the United States to Europe.

“Americans see Europe exclusively his patrimony, and what is energy cooperation with Russia, making the possibility of holding independent of the US policy from Russia and from Europe. Any cooperation, including in the energy question, creates the effect of mutual gain of the parties, which consequently increases the weight of these sides in international politics”, — said the analyst.

According to Klochkova, Washington today adheres to the old political priorities, which are based on the fact that the United States is a global hegemon.

“Anyone trying to carry out a sovereign policy, even if it allies in Europe, Americans will burn Napalm, to crush, to apply sanctions”, — said the speaker.

Summing up, Paul Kluckow answered all the question, what should Europe do in this situation?

“Of course, any sane politician, economist or citizen realizes that the situation is absurd, when someone from overseas is beginning to dictate their terms and their policies. There is a profit motive, efficiency, economic viability, and here all is contrary to this. For a long time, and today Europe is under American influence – military patronage and military pressure. In Europe is expected to grow elite who do not fear reprimand from Washington. They should take power in the EU or a single country in their hands. In fact, we are witnessing today is, but Washington prevents this, too, cultivating “their” politicians”, — concluded the analyst.
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