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Gulping a concoction of spices and herbs as a ‘good-morning’ measure is a concept we’ve followed since time immemorial. The output of fresh-pressed juice bars and smoothies at restaurants have given a new lease to wellness shots.

According to Lakshita Jain, Certified Clinical Dietician, and Founder of NUTR, “It’s a new trend among the younger lot. Once called home remedies, they are now branded as wellness shots. ‘Haldi ka paani’ is now packed as turmeric shots which seemed dull before but now looks fancy in the new packaging. In fast-moving cities, people need a quick ready-made fix rather than collecting the ingredients and then making it.” But for those who wish to make them at home, it’s not daunting either.

Understanding wellness shots

Wellness shots are generally concentrates prepared from fruits, vegetables, spices or herbs noted for their nutritional values. These are known to enhance your nutrient intake and boost your immune-system, along with a balanced diet. They sustain your body and give it essential nourishments to heal. A better diet ensures faster results while with a poor diet, it will take longer.

Shikha Mahajan, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of DIET PODIUM explains, “Immune boosting wellness shots typically have one or more of several ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, wheatgrass, citrus, cayenne pepper or apple cider vinegar. These wellness shots can be an add-on to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, to help you meet your daily vitamin requirements.”

Dietitian Rajat Jain, Weight Loss Expert & Founder of Health Wealth Diet Clinic, Jaipur, negates the idea of swapping it for a nutritious diet. “While wellness shots could supplement a balanced diet, you’re better off eating a variety of healthy foods,” she says. For instance, apple cider vinegar can be used in your salad dressing, ginger in your tea and turmeric in your cooking. When it’s not possible to include these things in your regular diet, a wellness shot with these ingredients could be a smart health choice, he says.

Can a shot a day keep the doctor away?

Celebrity and Sports Nutritionist Ryan Fernando, Founder of QUA Nutrition, says it can help if you’re taking the right kinds of shots. “Those packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Some have anti-inflammatory properties; others help strengthen your bones.”

During the rains and emerging third wave, Lakshita Jain advises to take ingredients that can help in building immunity and reduce sluggishness. First thing in the morning should be haldi-black pepper and ½ spoon of warm ghee in 100ml of water. After you freshen up, consume a shot of wheatgrass with added amla, ginger and lemon.”

When to take

It’s all the more effective, if taken first thing in the morning as it helps quicker absorption and assimilation. Rajat Jain recommends, “Just one shot on an empty stomach and this should enable your body to reap the benefits of the product without causing any stomach discomfort. Twice a day is more than sufficient, one in the morning and second one as advised by your healthcare practitioner or dietitian.”

If you’re pinched for time in the morning, your saving grace can come in a very tiny glass. Shikha Mahajan, elaborates, “Health-boosting power shots deliver a quick dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals but in a more concentrated dose. These wellness potions can be made overnight and stored in the fridge, to be taken in the morning.”

Some shots are truly refreshing and keep you healthy in the monsoons. Relish it as a consistent, steady ritual. Give it a shot!

Wheatgrass shot

If you can manage to develop a taste for wheatgrass, this potion promises to up your nutrients like beta-carotene, Vitamins C and E, antioxidants and antibiotic properties to fight ulcerative colitis.

Beet and apple shot

Kickstart the day with a dose of delightful and naturally sweet nourishment of beetroot and apples. Mix in 2 tablespoons each of beetroot juice and apple juice for a power-packed shot of minerals, folate and vitamins.

Turmeric shot

Curcumin present in haldi is an anti-oxidant. It has anti-inflammatory effects and relieves joint pains. Combine ¾th teaspoon turmeric powder with ½ cup coconut water. Add honey and lemon juice to taste.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) shot

A shot of probiotic-laden, alkaline by nature ACV improves digestion and diminishes muscular aches. 1tsp of apple cider vinegar in ¼ cup of water should do the trick but limit yourself to just this much.

“When consumed undiluted or in high amounts, apple cider vinegar can harm the digestive tract. Special caution must be practiced by those on medication or with any pre-existing medical condition,” warns Ryan Fernando.

Spirulina and sweet lime shot

Spirulina is a non-toxic algae available in powder form. “Spirulina has a high protein and vitamin content, which makes it an excellent dietary supplement for people on vegetarian or vegan diets. Considered to be an “all in one” source of nutrients, its Protein content has the potential to make it the best available protein source (even compared to meat & eggs),” informs Sonali Kocharekar, Founder and Nutritionist at APPETITE FOOD. 

Mix ¼ tsp of spirulina powder in the extract of half sweet lime to enhance your resistance to ailments.

Gooseberry (amla) and ginger shot

Full of fibre, amla removes toxins, maintains gut health and fends off constipation. The gingerol in ginger helps digestion and fights nausea. Take 1 teaspoon of amla juice with the concentrate of 1-inch piece of fresh ginger. Add honey for taste.

Dos and Don’ts

* ACV undiluted can burn and cause harm to your esophagus and stomach lining.

* Avoid wheatgrass if you’re allergic to grasses.

* If taken in excess, shots can cause acidity, loose motion, headache, and uneasiness.

* The best health benefits of wellness shots can be obtained at a fasting stage.

* A dosage of 50 ml to 175 ml, and not more, is ideal.


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