From cruise missiles to the ocean-going fleet: Ukraine announced a new program of the Navy

Ukraine has published strategy of development of the Navy until 2035. Nicholas Beleskov, Deputy Director of the Institute of world policy in Kiev, decided to give your comment to one of the American publications.

The new strategy of development of the Ukrainian fleet includes three stages: 2019-2025, 2025-2030, and 2030-2035 years, the resource LIGAnews.

At the first stage Ukraine will try to increase coastal jet systems of volley fire. Also will concentrate on the acquisition of new anti-ship missile systems.

In the second stage, Kyiv will try to engage in the sea a new system of monitoring of the entire surface of the surface. This will be procured anti-ship cruise missiles that will be installed on small tonnage boats.

The third stage provides the output of the Ukraine into the ocean. For this you need to create a new marine base outside the 200-mile economic zone of Ukraine. The new fleet will have to take an active part in all military operations of NATO and the EU, provided that by that time Ukraine will become members.
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