Plan “a” has developed together with US: Ukraine announced a new agreement on Russian gas

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that they are going to sign a new contract with Russia on gas supplies via the territory of Ukraine, but European regulations.

31 December expires period of validity of the contract between Moscow and Kiev, the resource LIGAnews.

Olena zerkal, Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine, said that Kiev has the vision of a new contract with Russia on gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine.

Ukraine has developed a plan “a”, created jointly with the EU representatives.

According to the “plan” Ukraine will ratify the Association Agreement with the EU to make a new contract “legally binding”, which Russia will be obliged to implement in any scenario. A new plan was drawn up in direct consultation with experts from the USA, said in Ukraine.

A new document will be drafted in such a way that it will be required to sign any new President of Ukraine. Zerkal said that Kiev had studied the lessons of the past, and in particular the gas crisis of 2009.
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