Grudinina not be a Deputy of the state Duma voiced reasons

Pavel Grudinin, despite all efforts, will not be a Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. The former candidate in presidents of Russia has not fulfilled the main requirements.

The former candidate for presidents of Russia Pavel Grudinin may not be a Deputy of the state Duma, as at the time of registration did not close their foreign accounts. This was at a meeting of the Central election Commission (CEC) said the Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission Nikolai Bulaev, reports on Thursday, March 21, “Tape.Ru“.

According to him, available to the employees of the Commission, the documents cannot be ignored. “Because the law says that a person with a foreign financial instruments at the time of registration, member can not be”, — explained Bulaev.

The politician added that the CEC appealed to the Federal tax service (FNS) for information during the presidential campaign and received information about what part of the accounts Grudinina was closed only after he was included in the party list of the Communist party August 1, 2016.

“He [Grudinin] will be in the Duma, if we accept the decision [of registration], and on the second day you will have to cast,” said Bulaev, addressing the members of the Communist party.
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