In Ukraine broke out the dangerous virus in Sumy region began to spread tularemia

The inhabitants of one of the Ukrainian regions witnessed the birth of an uncommon disease.

It was established that if a person is able to survive the virus, then the individual confers lifelong immunity. Unfortunately a very big, Ukraine does not have the necessary vaccines to counteract the rare tularemia. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First was found the source of the origin of viruses.

Laboratory studies confirmed the presence of this infection in rodents and ticks in the environment. It should be noted that the origin of the disease occurs in the Sumy region. Local doctors urged people to observe extreme caution in order to prevent the spread of deadly disease.

Tularemia is an acute infectious disease of animals and humans, characterized by lesions of the lymphatic system, skin, spleen. In addition, during this sinister virus are formed of multiple granulomatous-necrotic lesions in various organs, fever and General intoxication.

The leader of the dangerous diseases is tularemia Bacillus. The main vectors of disease considered to be rodents. Doctors urged residents to contact the health facility in the presence of poor health.
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