Israel is ready to solve the Syrian crisis, Netanyahu has provided his own plan to Putin and the Tramp

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, gave his plan on settling the situation in Syria. The practices he has given to Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.

Resource “Interfax” quoted a senior source who said that earlier, the Russian President expressed interest in the proposal about how to provide care of Iran from Syria.

Netanyahu on Tuesday returned from Washington, where he held talks with trump.

In late February, the Israeli Prime Minister met in Moscow with Russian President. After talks in Moscow, Netanyahu announced that it has reached an agreement on cooperation with Russia on the withdrawal from Syria of all foreign troops. “We also have agreed to create together with other members of the collaborative group to achieve this goal,” – said the Prime Minister of Israel.

Putin and Netanyahu have agreed on the joint actions of the Russian Federation and Israel in Syria

“With regard to the working group, the idea is that all stakeholders – and that, above all, of course, the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic may be, the opposition, countries in the region, all those involved in the conflict, would have created a working structure which would do the final normalization after the suppression of the last pockets of terrorism,” – said in turn the journalists Putin

“This is due, in particular, and with the withdrawal of all military forces from the territory of the SAR, and re-creation in full by the Syrian state, the preservation of its territorial integrity”, – has noted then the President of the Russian Federation.

Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told journalists that during the talks Putin and Netanyahu “discussed the various formats of interaction between Russia and Israel in terms of further stabilization and normalization of the situation in and around Syria, including sensitive issues for all parties concerned.”
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