From first to last, or why the national team of Ukraine on football may lose points

Junior Moraes, forward of the national team of Ukraine on football might not have had the legal right to speak for the team as it violated the rules of naturalization.

Resource “Interfax” quotes the head of the football Federation of Luxembourg’s Joel Wolff, who reminded that they have 24 hours to appeal the outcome of the match.

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Portuguese media emphasizes that in the case of the Brazilian striker could have not met the requirement of five years of continuous residence, as he spent several months in the lease in China in 2017.

Junior Moraes is playing in Ukraine in 2012, the citizenship of this country he received in March 2019.

While Ukraine is in the lead in its qualifying group b with 4 points after a win over Luxembourg and a draw with Portugal. If it turns out that indeed there was a violation, that team is awarded a technical defeat both of these meetings.

Ukrainian portal Sport Arena appealed for review to the Secretary-General of the football Federation of Ukraine Yuriy Zapisochny, but he refused to comment on the situation.

Meanwhile, another Ukrainian portal insists that Moraes had the right to play for the national team of Ukraine, since the laws of this country, uninterrupted year of residence is considered a stay in the territory of 183 days in a year. This requirement was met, as when Moraes has performed in China, it total spent in that year for more than 183 days on the territory of Ukraine.
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