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Purchasing a car is one of the most expensive purchases in life. Many intend to get out of the situation, paying by credit card, hoping, among other things, to a lot of preferential points. However, in reality it is not so.

Most dealers take credit cards, but typically, with its help you can make no more than 5% of the total. However, the more favorable terms offered to those who use the card, which has to do with the manufacturer. Much depends on whether a particular dealer in a joint program, implemented by, for example, American Express, in this case the chance to pay via credit card above. But generally sellers are reluctant to accept them, including because of the need to pay a Commission per transaction rate which is 2-3% of the amount.

Count on an avalanche of privileged points is not worth it, however, many companies provide the opportunity to repay the debt on one card and issue a new one, and the difference between the paid amount and the debt is credited to the Bank account. These funds can be used for any purpose, including for the purchase of a car, and if you carry out such accumulation over long periods of time, it is possible that you will be able to save quite a lot.

The attraction of this payment method lies in the fact that in this case no Commission is charged for some time after the beginning of use. Thus it can be considered as a peculiar variant of autostudy at zero percent, even if taken in itself. Although on some cards the rate is around 3%, that’s less than you will have to pay on the loan.

Be realistic: whichever payment method you choose, you have to be sure that I will be able in time to repay the debt on the card, because otherwise the interest rate will begin to significantly increase.
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