Decorative lamp “Bat” for 220V

Decorative lamp And again, Good day to all! Decorative lamp
Today we will consider the option of creating decorative lighting based on a kerosene llama of the” Bat “type.
A table from a bed from a sewing machine and < a href = ""> “Retro Radio” , I already described in my article on the site, ” fell “into place inside the gazebo.
Decorative lamp In one of the evening gatherings in the gazebo with my wife, when the chandelier from the cart wheel was turned on, the conversation turned to that it would not be bad to add illumination in the corners of the log house to the interior. Well, it should be so…. For some reason, a picture immediately came to my mind – kerosene lamps suspended on chains from the “ceiling”. In expeditions to the “old days”, I paid attention to kerosene lamps, but they were more modern and completely “killed”, and the smell of kerosene, in my opinion, is not displayed at all. In general, unfortunately, I did not come across lamps worthy of restoration or reconstruction.
I opted for a lamp that can be hung, of the type – “Bat”. I made a request “in the net”, but actually, why such a name and here is answer ,” Fledermaus “is a German company of kerosene lamps.
Duck, the pricing policy for products from “net” did not suit me either. In general, everything metal has risen in price. … I went to a wholesale – retail, hardware store and bought 2 lamps at a price that I liked – 370 domestic lamps apiece. In the “center of fasteners” I bought chains and carabiners with hooks, and in the electrical department, mounting wires and switches, or switches (I keep asking: “How is it right?” – no one knows …).
Decorative lamp < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Decorative lamp This is how the lamps will be suspended.
Decorative lamp And so, let's deal with” patients “.
Materials and tools:  Decorative lamp
1. On/off switch – 2 pcs.
2. Small snap hook without nut – 4 pcs.
3. Rubber ring – 2 pcs.
4. Mounting hooks.
5. Terminals with silicone caps.
6. Kerosene lamp – 2 pcs.
7. LED lamp GU5.3 – 2 pcs.
8. Nylon ties 2.5×150 mm.
9. Chain – 2×1 meter.
10. Socket for a halogen lamp.
11. Hook-up wires 2×0.5 mm.
12. Plastic.
13. Decorative aerosol enamel.
1. Side cutters.
2. “Ballerinka”.
3. Pencil.
4. Hex key.
5. Scissors.
6. Screwdriver + -.
7. Crimp.
8. Soldering iron with accessories.
9. Pliers.
10. Tweezers.
11. Stripper.
12. Scalpel.
13. Hair dryer for construction.
14. Compasses.
15. Caliper.
16. Screwdriver.
STEP 1 Disassembly and “fitting” of parts.
Upon delivery of the products to the workshop, having previously removed the protective glass cover, he began to figure out “how to continue to live with it.” Decorative lamp The lamp was 240 mm high. The diameter of the upper part of the protective casing is 52.5 mm. This is where I decided to place the patron.
Decorative lamp < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Decorative lamp Decorative lamp Became figure out how to mount cartridges in the casing, and what kind of base to use E27 or E14.
Decorative lamp But stop, I figured out in time – the cartridge would be fixed, the light bulb would be screwed in, but I would not insert the protective glass bulb into place, the lamp design would not “give”. Decorative lamp
I tried to change the concept, place the cartridge at the bottom, in the kerosene tank.
Decorative lamp < br>But again, if the lamp was a table lamp, then the supply wire could be brought out through the tank. And since the lamp will be suspended, the wires will have to be carried out inside the racks, on top they have structural holes inward, and below, in the tank from the inside, it would have to be drilled somehow. I was just replacing the LED light bulb in the kitchen in a spotlight… .. Here it is! Decorative lamp Fork bulb GU5.3, I will work with it.
Decorative lamp Now I need to figure out how to fix this light bulb in the upper casing.
The first option was to drill guides in the lamp housing for self-tapping screws and screw them through the standard heat removal holes directly into the lamp housing. In the photo, the location of the hole is marked with a pencil. But structurally, all boards and the arrangement of parts inside the lamp housing are different. You can overdo it and close the circuit with a self-tapping screw. The place is not enough, on the one hand for sure.
Decorative lamp Decorative lamp < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Decorative lamp STEP 2 The second option is correct.
How to “poke” into a “live” lamp with a self-tapping screw my desire has disappeared, then the second option appeared.
The glass bulb is held by the spring of the telescopic upper casing, i.e. to insert it you need to pull back the top cap. I also used this principle. I decided to make adjusting rings. Having made measurements of the diameters of the seats of the cap body and the light bulb, I cut out the setting rings from plastic using scissors (outer F), “Ballerina” and medical scalpels (inner F). He put a lid on the rings, from some empty can of cream and a flange from the casing of a broken fan. “Shoals” sanded on emery.
Decorative lamp  Decorative lamp Decorative lamp Decorative lamp < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Decorative lamp Decorative lamp By the way , stands “Silver” in its regular place. This is another project from the “Second Life of Old Things” series – “A simple sharpener for MCP on the farm” . Before that, there was an “elephant” emery and it took up more space, which was sent to the country house.
Then the question “arose” how to fix the light bulbs in the rings. I tried to make spring holders out of key rings by unbending them, but it turned out to be nonsense. Made it easier, cut off a plump ring from the old bicycle camera and simply put it on a light bulb, rolling it into a “sausage”. I tried on the whole structure in place.
 Decorative lamp Decorative lamp  Decorative lamp Decorative lamp STEP 3 Decorating.
Initially I was looking for a lamp made of galvanized, i.e. not dyed (they were in the pictures), but in fact only dyed ones were in the store (blue in my case). Let's try to decorate the body of the lamps so that they look lighter against the background of the walls of the log house, which are impregnated with the composition of the color “Mahogany”. I took a balloon with “Serebryanka” and started, like, decorate. It turned out not even bad, if you add the patina “golden” (as you wanted), it will not look, “lost” against the background of “Serebryanka”, I will leave it as it is.
 Decorative lamp STEP 4 Assembling.
I tinted the rings with “Silver”.
Decorative lamp Made the wiring of the supply wires. The connection diagram is standard, for phase break. At the beginning of the article, the photo shows switches – switches, for the output of the wire, for each lamp from the junction box, but I decided to make local ones. For better fixing in the lamp body, I put rings from heat shrinkage on them.
Decorative lamp Decorative lamp < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Decorative lamp Decorative lamp Installed block with lamps and glass.
 Decorative lamp Decorative lamp Made a test run.
 Decorative lamp I fastened the chains and marked the middle with a tie. I begin to weave the wires into the chain, “straight, right, right, etc.” I fastened the wires to the lamp posts with ties and tinted them in color.
Decorative lamp Decorative lamp  Decorative lamp Decorative lamp Everything,” Jobizdon! ” Bat”. Decorative lamp
STEP 5 Pleasant sensations.
Using a screwdriver, with a clamped hex key, I screwed the hooks into the marked place.
 Decorative lamp I connected it to an extension cord, for the “test”, the lamps are a beauty. Now it will be necessary to bring the wiring under these “points”, I have long wanted to redo the wiring in the gazebo.
 Decorative lamp Decorative lamp < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Decorative lamp  Decorative lamp PS I tried to do everything so that “pleases the eye”. Do it beautifully, but it will be ugly and so it will turn out. Be creative, but do not mess up ….
GOOD LUCK !!! Decorative lamp


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