In the County of new York, impose a state of emergency due to measles

In Rockland County (state of new York) declared state of emergency in connection with the measles outbreak. The regime comes into force at midnight on 27 March and will last 30 days.


According to the document of the state of emergency, all persons under 18 years of age and not vaccinated against measles, will not be allowed to go to public places prior to the expiry of the Declaration or until receipt of MMR.

It is reported that the police would not patrol the streets or to request the immunization records, but if the offender is found in a public place, his case will be transferred to the district Prosecutor’s office. Parents also will be responsible for their children, if they are acknowledged violators of the emergency.

The authorities of Rockland noted that there are no religious exceptions, they work with the local clergy who encouraged their parishioners to be vaccinated.

In accordance with the emergency Declaration are considered to be public places where more than 10 people gather for purposes such as civic, governmental, social or religious, leisure or shopping, sharing a meal or drinking, awaiting transportation. Also included in the list of public vehicles, including buses or trains.

Currently in the district was 153 confirmed cases of measles, according to officials of health. Almost half of the patients are aged from 4 to 18 years.

The County Executive ed day told reporters that the purpose of a state of emergency is not to arrest people, but to educate the society and to enforce the rules:

“We must do everything in our power to put an end to this outbreak and protect the health of those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, and children who are too small for vaccination”.

Rockland at midnight and impose a state of emergency due to the outbreak of measles updated: March 26, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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