“Gazprom” has figured out how to protect “Nord stream – 2” from the attacks of the European Union

The Russian company said exactly how I wish to act in connection with the construction of the pipeline.

The management of “Gazprom” decided the issue of withdrawal of the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” from under the Gas Directive of the European Union (EU), which is directed against the Russian concern. It is reported by the Financial Times, reports “the League news Russia”.

According to media reports, the Corporation intends to create a separate company, whose duties will be to perform functions of the operator of a gas pipeline in a small portion of the length of about 50 km at the entrance to the territory of the EU.

Makron has categorically refused to meet with Merkel: “the Nord stream – 2” was the last straw

Now the operator acts as a Swiss-registered Nord Stream AG 2, wholly owned by Gazprom. She is in danger of falling under the EU Gas Directive, which prohibits owning gas pipelines on the territory of the Union gas suppliers.

The Directive has not yet been approved. In the last few months she’s served as a pretext for disputes between members of the EU. The main defender of “Gazprom and Nord stream – 2” was made by Germany.

In addition, macron announced the cancellation of their trip for the next Munich conference on security issues.
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