Baskov has told how he narrowly escaped death

The death of a famous singer Yulia Nachalova has led many artists to reflect on the transience of life.

According to the publication, Nikolay Baskov in an interview with the program “Hello, Andrew” told how ten years ago a Russian doctor advised him to improve health to start taking hormones, but my mother dissuaded in time artist, reports LigaNews.

“Hormones. Man. Yes, I wouldn’t be sitting here if I then listened to him. Thank you to my mother, who talked” – said the actor and added that his mother – the daughter of a pharmacist.

Famous actor urged his fans to carefully monitor their health and seek better to several specialists for consultation.

“At the tomb of the pockets is not. Take care of your health. We are generally happy people that are sitting here in the Studio. Somebody’s lies. Someone does not go”, – summed up the Basque.

As previously reported LigaNews, Baskov and Kirkorov accused in a drunken brawl in Uzbekistan. We also know that the fans Buzova noticed singer-dancer singer.
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