The artifact is 5000 years old: in Anapa found a piece utensil Maikop culture

The inhabitants of one of the Russian settlements can witness a unique artifact.

As established, the monument to previous generations, is located in Anapa. According to preliminary information, the age of the artifact is 5000 years old. At the moment representatives of the research world can’t explain the origin of the mysterious object. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First was found lost artifacts of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Near the village Starotitarovskaya archeologists have found ancient ceramic boot. The discovery was a real mystery for scientists, who still puzzled over the purpose of rare items. The only fact which could be established, so is his belonging to the Maikop archaeological culture.

It may be that this element of household items can serve as a stand for the jug or storage for embers. Everyone urged to visit the local Museum, so plenty to admire a unique find.

After you have decorated all the proper documentation, an ancient artifact will present to the public. Now scientists continue more meaningful exploration of found object that will help to learn more about ancient cultures.
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