The purse increase is not reflected

Although macroeconomic data testify to the successful development of the economy, most Americans are dissatisfied with their own financial situation.

This fact is noted sociologist Nancy Zdanovich, managing editor, Democracy Corps, stressing that the situation in the labour market or high quotations of securities are unable to please ordinary people, if they face shortage of funds.

“Most Americans do not share, they are highly paid employees, and I doubt I can find a new source of income or get a position with a significant salary, she explained. These people believe that the costs in any case are rising faster than wages”.

In turn, the pollster Jim Hobart, who, unlike Zdanovich, working for the Republican party, emphasized that the administration of Donald trump has made significant progress in the economy, which, surveys show that satisfied a large proportion of Americans than before the recession in 2007.

In fact, according to Gallup, in February, 43% of citizens rate the economic situation as good and 14% excellent. While 31% chose the option “more-less”, and 12% were “bad.”
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