On the border is increasing tension

As head of U. S. Customs and Border Protection Kevin Macelignan and head of operational patrol activities Brian Hastings, the number of immigrants detained on the border with Mexico, peaked in the 13 years since 2005, when he was stopped 1.18 million people.

From 1 October 2018, compared with the previous fiscal year, attempts of illegal transition has increased by 300% (in the sector of El Paso, throughout new Mexico, and at 434%), including with the participation of families and children unaccompanied by 60%.

In General, over the 5 months was arrested about 268 thousand illegal immigrants, and only in February — more than 76 thousand. And, according to Macalinao, the load is too large and lead to the occurrence of crisis is both humanitarian and security issues.

Hastings stressed that those who arrived with their families, more than individuals or members of groups that are not part of the family. And there is no reason to believe that this trend will change — rather, it will only become more pronounced.

Statistics show that the majority of arrests occurred in remote desert areas of new Mexico and Arizona, where there are no clinics, no transport infrastructure. Hastings is concerned by the fact that more and more migrants trying to enter the United States as part of larger groups of 100 or more people.

If in the last financial year it was discovered 2 such groups, last already 13, and this year — 70. Thus, until October, the total number may exceed 100 and the total number of participants will be around 29 thousand. And a particular concern is not only sharp increase in the burden on law enforcement, but that thus can try to “disguise” the drug smugglers, expecting that they will not pay attention, yet will assist and arrange the rest.

A problem for the authorities is the poor health status of illegal immigrants — average daily medical assistance necessary to provide 55 of them. In this regard, it is planned to build additional facilities, especially near official places of crossing the border.

Such plans are connected with the criticism due to the fact that for the last 3 months after the arrest, died on 3 migrants, including 2 children from Guatemala. Subsequently, the Minister of national security, Kirsten Nielsen ordered to examine all children in detention centres, but it is not known whether the guards opportunities and, most importantly, desire to really care about the state of illegal immigrants. The overall situation, according to Hastings, is still unstable…

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