In California they intend to check doctors that provide help about the impossibility of vaccination of children

The legislators of the state of California again took up the opponents of vaccination of children.

Another bill, designed to tighten control over the health sector, was recently introduced by Senator Richard pan. Under this bill, doctors that give children the opportunity to not be vaccinated should check the higher authorities.

The Department of health of the state of California say that in recent years, cases when doctors give false conclusions. Thus, parents are opponents of vaccination receive the full right to refuse childhood vaccinations. This not only poses a threat to the child, but also endangers surrounding the kids.

The Department of health noted that in recent years increased significantly cases when doctors give false conclusions. Photo: FDA

Currently, there are no legal mechanisms in place to verify the grounds for the issuance of such documents. This led to the fact that doctors provide information about the impossibility of vaccinating healthy children. The reason specified diabetes or asthma, but in reality, these diagnoses just imagining things.

Senator Richard pan has mentioned the case of a pediatrician from orange County, who last year was sentenced to 35-month probation. The doctor helped parents of 2-year-old child to avoid vaccination, even without having previously obtained information about the health of the baby. When this became known, the public and experts from the field of health raised the issue of the introduction of measures to control the activities of physicians.

Opponents of the law believe: the parents have every right not to vaccinate kids. However, California authorities disagree with this statement. The state has some of the strictest laws about vaccination. If the child does not have a vaccination, he may not be admitted to the educational process. Now lawmakers want to close the last loophole for opponents of vaccination.

In California, introduced the bill to check doctors making inquiries about the impossibility of vaccination of children updated: March 28, 2019 author: Paul cat
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