Putin explained, when and under what conditions, Russia will take counter-sanctions from Europe

During the meeting of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, with a delegation from France, he answered the question of when and under what conditions Russia will take counter-sanctions with the EU.

The head of state stressed that it will appeal to Russian farmers, but as soon as Europe will lift sanctions against Russia, they will be automatically removed them from the EU, according to the resource LIGAnews.

The President of Russia has hastened to remind that, despite the sanctions, Russia continues to occupy first place in the world in wheat exports.

Russia extended the effect of counter-sanctions against the EU until 31 December 2019.

In addition, the President of Russia promised to allocate funds for the restoration of the memorial complex “Sapun mountain” in Sevastopol area. The memorial commemorates the heroism of Soviet soldiers during the great Patriotic war.
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