Friend Nachalovo responded to the rumors about the “alcoholic drama” singer

Recently, the media reported that allegedly, Yulia Nachalova staged accident being intoxicated.

Edition of “the FAN” reported that Elena Mamluk, who was a close friend lostyulia Nachalovo, reacted to the news, which says the singer allegedly drunk was driving shortly before his death, reports LigaNews.

Mamluk came to the program “Hello, Andrew”, where he expressed all the indignation. Elena says that Julia never got drunk behind the wheel. According to the woman, no the accident was not simply stopped by the police.

“I was in the car with her. She never drank, never used drugs. It was just an endless stream of provocations that we’ve tried to fight it then. And she’s a little misunderstood the situation. She’s like a baby this was. Her dad always defended,” said a friend.

Russian singer, actress and TV presenter Yulia Nachalova, without regaining consciousness, has died at the age of 38 years in the intensive care unit of Moscow hospitals. According to the information received, Julia died of acute heart failure, which occurred due to pulmonary edema and brain.

As previously reported LigaNews, Yulia Nachalova the deceased before his death, spoke about her daughter. It is also known that the father of Nachalovo told about a touching letter 12-year-old granddaughter to the deceased singer.
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