Ukrainian Mushroom announced an indefinite hunger strike: lawyer called the cause

Paul Mushroom, a citizen of Ukraine, after the court announced an indefinite hunger strike. The information was confirmed by Marina Dubrovina, the lawyer.

“The mushroom declared termless hunger-strike due to the refusal of medical care in prison and the rejection of Ukrainian doctors,” the lawyer said, reports RT.

According to the lawyer, the Fungus is going to consume only water.

Dubrovina also added that the defense intends to appeal the verdict.

Severo-the Caucasian district military court in Rostov-on-don was sentenced to six years in prison a Ukrainian citizen Pavel Mushroom, which is accused of promoting terrorism.

To assign the Fungus to six years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony, have informed in a press-service of the court.

As indicated, the verdict can be appealed within ten days and has not yet entered into force.

The consequence considers that the Fungus from the territory of Ukraine through the Internet convinced the high school senior from Sochi to detonate a bomb at the prom on June 30, and then flee the country.
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